Welcome to our first monthly theme!


The theme is open to all artists whatever your medium.


Please post your finished artwork in this discussion thread. These should be new pieces completed this month.


You have until 30th June to submit here and then I will close the thread. Please remember to use the picture icon above text box to add images and not the attachment below.


As an experiment, if you want to comment on someone's submission please do so here, but if the thread gets to messy, next month I may separate the comments from artwork.


If you have suggestions for themes, please click to this thread.


and the theme is.....




Artwork and comments welcome from everyone!!!!


I can't wait to see what you post. Sue

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Hello Grace,


Wow! Who knew one could use a program originally designed for creating word documents to create a work of art like this! You have some serious skills.

Grace L. Sanford said:

"Travelscape"   I made this composition in Microsoft Word with the drawing toolbox. It has a bezier tool called edit points which is "fun" to use for odd shapes. After you are done you group everything and copy the group. Then I paste the clipboard in Irfanview or you could even paste it in Basic Paint, the purpose being to save the drawing as a JPG or PNG file.

Hi Thaneeya,


When I saw this I immediately remembered the photo in the "pool". Great details. I would never have attempted a project

like this using Loew-Cornell. This proves that it's not about the brand an artist uses but about the skills of the artist. Also, I am reminded of your interview on ARTSPEAK about the artist who uses regular colored crayons to create realistic paintings. 


Thaneeya McArdle said:

It's fun seeing everyone's pieces for the June travel theme.  So many different interpretations!


Here's my piece.  It's a night scene of Florence, Italy created with pen (ink) and watercolors.  It was my first time doing this type of scene with ink and wash.  I based it on a photograph I took while visiting Florence last summer, which you can see here in the Reference Image Pool: http://community.art-is-fun.com/forum/topics/architecture-1  (It's the 3rd one down.)


If you click on it you can see it in more detail.  :)

The pen I used was a Prismacolor Premier Fine Line Marker, size 01 with black ink.  The watercolors I used were an inexpensive Loew-Cornell set of pan watercolors.


I'll come back later and comment on the other entries when I have time! :)

Oh wow seeing all the great artwork here.  I would loved to have done something for this travel theme.   It's just been quite hectic lately.  Hope I can find time to join in with the July theme.  

What a great standard of art..

Just getting caught up now with all the great travel-themed entries.

Angela - I like the brushwork in your painting! You manage to capture a lot with minimal strokes and it has a great sense of energy.

Robin - What a lovely, peaceful scene. I like that the chair is empty; it opens up all kinds of possibilities for the viewer.

Carla - I enjoy seeing another of your whimsical cat drawings!  What a cool travelin' cat.

Rusty - That's a cool paper-cut-turned-mural. Great sense of movement in your piece - and an interesting interpretation of the travel theme, to depict a form of transportation itself.

Grace - Wow, I'm amazed that you created that in Microsoft Word!  It looks wonderful and whimsical.  It's gorgeous.

Pauline, Carla and Sue - Thanks for your comments on my Florence painting.  It's actually A5, not A6, so it's 148mm x 210mm.  Still pretty small.  I can't wait to try another ink and wash, but with the W&N Half-pan Travel Set.  That'll be my first treat to myself when I get back to the US.  Also, bigger watercolor paper!  Lol. 

Can't wait to see what people come up with for the July theme!  :)

Fabulous work everyone. Let's see what you can do for the next theme - music.





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