Welcome to the monthly theme for OCTOBER

Artwork and comments welcome from everyone!!!!

This month's theme is - GOOSEBUMPS

The theme is open to all artists whatever your medium.

Please post your finished artwork in this discussion thread.

These should be new pieces completed with this theme in mind. 

Please remember to use the picture icon above text box to add images and not the attachment below. Click here for instructions on how to add an image to your forum post. This is important if you want people to be able to see your artwork!

To add your artwork, please use the "Reply to Discussion" box at the bottom of the page, NOT the "+ Add" button at the top of the page. (Otherwise your artwork will not show up in this thread.)

If you want to comment on someone's submission please do so here.

I can't wait to see how you interpret this - abstract, realistic, collage etc... so many opportunities for all. 


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Felicia Dvornicky - good idea with the plastic pumpkins... less mess to clean up and more time to do awesome carving like this!

Paul M. Dickey - nice drawing! i always thought Nosferatu was the creepiest of the vampires lol!

Pat - colorful gent! reminds me of the song 'Witch Doctor'... ooo eee oooo aaah aaah, bing bang walla walla wing wang! ;o)

Priyanka Sharma - just as i mention one Nosferatu... here are 2 more Nosferatu types haa haa! coloful and lively... (and still creepy lol)

Charlie - amazing stuff! it is obvious you are a Halloween fan!

Audrey - great line drawing!

sharon oppenheimer - what a fun owl! love the eerie eyes on your vampire!

Jan Heck - wow... psychadelic spiders and a wild snake! very cool and trippy!

Unruly Orange - great drawing of the goslings, but you took the Goosebumps theme a bit literally! :oP

Jo Flockton - ok i spoke too soon about taking goosebumps literally ha haa! cool idea!

Michael Beckett - yeah whatever ha haaa!

Haisha Bowens - oh she came out creepy all right... sinister eyes!

Beverly J Raffaele - what a wondrous apparition! very spooky!

maureen - ha haa! so cute... love the mummy!

Cat Demkiw - i love your adventurous approach to art. lots of stories in this piece!

caroline hickman - who is that peeking through the window.. i hope it is a friendly ghost! :o)

Althea ArchMiller - one can never have too many owls on Halloween... lovely painting!

Jslkim - villainous is a good word for him.. love his creepy complexion!

Patrick Witz - ha ha... crazy pumpkin with a knife in both hands... waiting for pumpkin pie? hmmm lol

hope i didn't miss anyone.. if i did it wasn't intentional :o)

Great work gang! 


here's my piece just finished it before the end of the month... :)

Very cool !! and creepy !!!

Very creepy! Good job Maria!

cool Halloween dude, Maria! love those 'glassy' eyes! :o)

Nice Maria.  My favorite part is the green skin.

Art is My Life!   

Oil on masonite board.  This was a project I did for Skull Week in my Painting I class.

This is wonderful Ange! Great submission for the theme!

Thank you, Jo!  I am glad you like it!

Jo Flockton said:

This is wonderful Ange! Great submission for the theme!

thanks guys

Just in time,Ange !! It's great !!

Thank you, Sharon!  I am glad you like it!

sharon oppenheimer said:

Just in time,Ange !! It's great !!

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