Welcome to the monthly theme for October. Artwork and comments welcome from everyone!!!!

This month's theme is - Abstract

The theme is open to all artists whatever your medium.

Please post your finished artwork in this discussion thread.

These should be new pieces completed with this theme in mind. 

Please remember to use the picture icon above text box to add images and not the attachment below. Click here for instructions on how to add an image to your forum post. This is important if you want people to be able to see your artwork!

To add your artwork, please use the "Reply to Discussion" box at the bottom of the page, NOT the "+ Add" button at the top of the page. (Otherwise your artwork will not show up in this thread.)

If you want to comment on someone's submission please do so here.

I can't wait to see how you interpret this - painting, drawing, collage etc... so many opportunities for all. 


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Beautiful Wray!

Wraymona Low said:

PEEKING THROUGH``Done on Canson Watercolor Paper using porus fine tipped pens.~~Wray~~

Very sharp! I love the sparkly highlights.

Mark Bedwell said:

Hi Folks, this is my attempt at something abstract.

Very impressive piece. Love it.

Jerry, I love it. Fire within, too.

Jerry Franklin said:

Fire and Ice

What medium is this?  It's really cool.  I love the crispness and the dimension you accomplish here.  I'm a big fan of blues also.  Excellent piece of abstract art.  Kind Regards, Jeanine

michele josiane martin said:

these shapes are fluid. i love them. your painting is lovely carol.

Carol Mayer said:


Carol Mayer said:

New work from my studio- "Nobody can own the Moon"

Acrylic on reclaimed wood.

Carla Cope said:

This was an experiment with oil blocks on canvas. I've never used them before. What a strange sensation, holding on to this big crayon, trying to control it, yet be free with it when it was sliding all over in your slippery hands. At least it is a fast process, but it burned through the paint at lightning speed. And they aren't cheap. Ouch!

Something special - I love the flowing lines and the way you played with the colours.

this is nice alexis

alexis ciccone said:

This piece is called "Flying Heart"

fantastic pieces mark, jeanine and alexis. i forget who did the tangled word but i think that is very clever!. they're all so marvellous to look at.  love visiting this page to see what everyone is doing with the challenge!

Thank you so much. :D

Thank you so much.
michele josiane martin said:

this is nice alexis

alexis ciccone said:

This piece is called "Flying Heart"

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