Thank you for all your suggestions. All the suggestions are listed below.

If you have another theme to add please do so here. Please do not add your artwork here but under the correct monthly theme.

If you want a head start on themes here are the themes for the upcoming months:

April - fuzzy friend

May - dark

June - self-portrait

July - reflections

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All the theme ideas we have received so far - thanks everyone.

  •      fairytales
  •      on the shelf
  •      in the sky  October
  •      something striped
  •      a curious collection
  •      fuzzy friends
  •      travel   June's theme
  •      upside-down and inside-out...
  •      self-portraits
  •      still life - perhaps of objects all a certain color, or size, or similar items?
  •      plants
  •      architecture
  • Gardens.
  • Coffee shops.
  • Shopping.
  • Shoes.
  • Elation,
  • Depression,
  • Alive,
  • Thoughtful.
  • Dry
  • Wet
  • Light
  • dark
  • day
  • night
  • happiness
  • Sadness
  • war
  • love
  • Busy, noisy etc
  • Peaceful, tranquil etc
  • (Colors) green, purple, red etc
  • sky (could include sunsets and all October
  • Place (Italy, Australia, Africa etc) Even a town in one of those places.
  • Wildlife
  • Pets
  • Toys
  • water August
  • boats
  • reflections
  • capturing the sounds,
  • night lights,
  • smiling faces,
  • love stories,
  • daily habits,
  • favourite food & beverages,
  • dreams,  December
  • music July
  • Animals


The Seasons



a favourite spot

the love of your life, (good opertunity to really study that love) January 2012

Close-up study of an object, (which we will then have to guess)

I piece done in a different medium to our usual


Another idea that I have tried to follow myself is an idea a day - I have lists of a couple of hundred different ideas that I pick one from and give it life on the page each day (or at least I try to). things from toungue tied to blue moon etc.



Fantasy, angels, Feb 2012 Faces, Doodles

Reflections on wet pavement or water.

Sky lines March 2012 of cities at night.

Sunlight and shadows.

Water falls in the snow or snow covered landscapes.

Elements of the gallxies from Hubble telescope photogallery.

Collages of the times.  such as clockworks and travel.

Just a few ideas.

Candy Canes!

Odd Angles

the human body


The best way to see future is to creat it.

So, SKYLINES then for March 2012?

So, by skylines, do you mean only city scenes qualify? Out where I live is farm country - our "skylines" are a little different!

Hi Lillian, as I replied when I posted the new theme, of course not, all skylines qualify. We don't want to limit the theme in anyway. I look forward to seeing your artwork soon. Sue

M. Lillian Hughes said:

So, by skylines, do you mean only city scenes qualify? Out where I live is farm country - our "skylines" are a little different!

Sorry Amelia - yes. posted discussion now.

Amelia Stephenson said:

So, SKYLINES then for March 2012?

What are the future themes for 2012 after March?

They are listed at the top of this discussion. The post that started the discussion.

M. Lillian Hughes said:

What are the future themes for 2012 after March?

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