Hello everyone!

Suzanne and I have just taken on the roles of the new caretakers for the "Art Journallers - Altered Books" Group.

This group has now been made an open group, meaning that there is no longer an application process to join the group.

We look forward to your input and to seeing the group liven up once again - we both feel that the Art Journal and Altered Book Artists have a lot to offer the site, so please feel free to start or join in discussions.

We'll be back to the monthly prompts in no time!


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Congratulations, you two!! It is exciting to know that there'll be prompts "and stuffs". I like the look of the October challenge already!! And I have some yummy metallics to work with!!!
I cannot seem to upload my page, no matter what I try, so I've loaded it flickr.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/simplytrece/6267512951 It's called "wicked".
Thanks so much! I am glad to have it here. Every time I try to load stuff, it just seems to h . a . n . g - y'know what I mean? So glad you like it - it's a big step for me, usually I'm all about the stickers.

Meg Mackenzie said:

Trece, did you want to load it to your artwork or to here? I have put it here for you for now. So spidery and glittery! It's so cute!

If you are trying to load it to a group discussion (i.e. here), click on the 'image' button at the top of the little discussion panel (not the 'link' button). If you're having trouble loading to your artwork page, let me know and I'll do what I can to help.

Thanks so much, Meg. The spiders are actually from a 4-pack of stencils I got at the Dollar Tree. I finally got some cosmetic sponges, the wedge kind, which I knew from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's class would be best suited for use with acrylics/stencils. The "Wicked" is from the Graphic 45 stamp collection for their Wizard of Oz paper. I LOVE their stuff!!

Did you have to shrink mine when you loaded it? I don't know how to do that.


I have some stencil brushes, but I was afraid it would apply the paint too heavily. I think I am getting to the point where I will need to get some quality brushes. Thanks for the help re. shrinkage; I'll try that next time!

Meg Mackenzie said:

Clever lady! Those are some good tricks. The make-up sponge is a good tip. I've been using stencil brushes, but this sounds a lot less messy!

I think I chose the medium sized image from Flickr, because I knew that my internet system wasn't up to loading the full sized version of your image. So I didn't shrink it myself.

You can used a programme as basic as 'Paint' in your computer to shrink an image (Go to "Image" on the Paint toolbar, then "Stretch/Skew", then change the percentages for vertical and horizontal to something smaller (e.g. 60%), but just make sure they are the same number for each plane [vertical 60% and horizontal 60%, for example] or you will end up with a scary long thin image!).

Just make sure you save your changed image under a different name or as a copy, because if you overwrite your original image with something of lower quality it will not print well later - it will be too pixilated. A lot of camera of scanner software also has the ability to shrink images - you can usually find an "Edit" button somewhere on the toolbar in the programme you open your images in. But saving the copy is the key to not crying later (she says from woeful early experiences).

I hope this helps. It will sure speed things up for you, and the resolution of the average computer screen means that no-one will notice if you shrink the image a bit and lose a little resolution, but you should notice the speed difference for uploading.

We are on slow old dial up out here on the edge of a rural area. Some days I feel as though I could knit while things load.

But bless the old internet, slow or not, as I am making terrific art friends on the Art Colony and learning wonderful new things every day!

Thanks for the hint!!



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