You asked for it(or at least several of you did LOL), our next “In the Style of” master is Russian Abstract artist Vasily Kandinsky. A friend recommended using him as one of our artists before I started my list but I didn’t recognize the name…. until I looked at some of his paintings. Then BAM! I realized his paintings were some of my favorites from an Art History course I took a million years ago.

  He is commonly known for his colorful paintings of shapes and free flowing lines (a style he developed after WWI and very different from his early art). He established two groups of works/kinds of painting –Compositions and Improvisations. The title Compositions implies that the arrangements of geometric shapes used were purposely planned and ordered. The Improvisations, on the other, hand were completely the opposite, being totally unplanned and prompted on by subconscious feeling. He completely eliminated the real subject matter of his works by focusing entirely on the “emotional and psychological” properties of color, line, and shape. He thought the artist’s true self could be expressed entirely by color.

Each participant will have 2 partners and be responsible for making one regulation size ATC for each. The deadline to sign up will be November 8 and partners will be posted Nov. 10. The ATCs will need to be posted no later than Dec.9. If your address is *private* please make sure to PM your address to your swap partners in order to receive your cards. Make sure to mark these dates on your calendar!

I think the results of this swap should be pretty interesting to say the least =)

Swap list:

  1. Stacy Woolsey-Jen Osslow, Sandi DeLoge
  2. Susanne Skene-Hema K, Amanda Webster
  3. Maureen Craddock-Sharon Nelson, Rosemary
  4. Carol Quinlan-Dawnyelle Moore, Kim Hogan
  5. Judy Schaffer Firneno-Rosemary, Jacqueline
  6. Sharon Oppenheimer-Riya, Jacqueline
  7. Jen Osslow-Maureen Craddock, Annaliess T
  8. Annaliess T-Stacy Woolsey, Theresa Graeve
  9. Dawnyelle Moore-Christine Sharbrough, Amanda Webster
  10. Sharon Nelson-Susanne Skene, Sandi Deloge
  11. Theresa Graeve-BlueEagle, Christine Sharbrough
  12. Sheila Dunn (US partners)- BlueEagle, Judy Schaffer Firneno
  13. Pat-Judy Schaffer Firneno, Sheila Dunn
  14. Hema K-Sharon Oppenheimer, Kim Hogan
  15. BlueEagle(Mavi Rodriguez)-Sharon Nelson, Carol Quinlan
  16. Amanda Webster-Dabau Singh-Heer, Kathleen Sidor
  17. Kathleen A. Sidor -Carol Quinlan, Desiree Veltsema
  18. Christine Sharbrough-Sheila Dunn, Riya
  19. Debbie Rippie-Maureen Craddock, Pat
  20. Bill Linthwaite-Sharon Oppenheimer, Dabau Singh-Heer
  21. Jacqueline(Jackie Davidson)-Bill Linthwaite, Hema K
  22. Rosemary-Dawnyelle Moore, Kathleen Sidor
  23. Sandi DeLoge-Bill Linthwaite, Theresa Graeve
  24. Kim Hogan-Debbie Rippie, Desiree Veltsema
  25. Dabau Singh-Heer-Jen Ossolw, Debbie Rippie
  26. Desiree Veltsema-Pat, Annaliess T
  27. Riya-Stacy Woolsey, Susanne Skene

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Replies to This Discussion

This awesome Kandinsky comes to me from Jen Osslow. I love it Jen Great work as always!

The mail arrived today and 3 Art Colony swaps arrived with it, lucky, lucky me.  

I received Stacy's Kandinsky and my Christmas in the style of,  ATC's, along with some lovely extras.  Thanks Stacy.

I also received Maureen's In the style of - Blue Dog and Michelle's T'Hoot from the Junker Jane Doll Swap. thank-you Maureen and Michelle, to see these check out the other swaps.

Wonderful Riya.

Have my Kandinsky's arrived to their new homes?
Riya, that Kandinsky is so beautiful, I see what Susanne means about texture, lovely ACT backing too. You are delightfully creative

I received this lovely Kandinsky style atc titled "Gold" from Riya earlier this week! It reminds me of car races! I love the colors and she also sent a beautiful prepped atc background! Thank you Riya!

I received my Kandinsky atc from Dawnyelle Moore before christmas and I'm sorry to be only now putting it here.  Thank you so much for the atc.  I think it captures the style beautifully.  Also, Dawnyelle said that the water tower is the claim to fame in Belton SC and here you can see it in the piece! Thanks again Dawnyelle.

Beautifully done !! Dawnyelle !!

Ohhh Dawnyelle, I am loving those colors!!! So bright and warm on this cold cold day!!!  Well Done!

Love the yellow and orange in this ATC Dawnyelle

Thank you all for the encouraging words!

Thank you Bill for your Kandinsky - love the design and colours :))  Apologies for not posting sooner.  Best wishes for the New Year.



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