Our next “In the Style of” artist will be Paul Cezanne. Coming from the time that Impressionism(capturing the impression of a brief moment in time) was still very popular, Cezanne developed his own style using color to show the form and structure, esp. in nature, that he believed Impressionism lacked. He thought that the painter should “treat nature in terms of the cylinder, and the sphere, and the cone” in simple and natural forms but not as just pure geometric forms. In many of his still-lifes he would paint objects in layers of a single hue to achieve the appearance of fullness. Other paintings would often have distortions or natural forms that might be rearranged in a way that wouldn’t be noticed unless the painting was of a person. This was to deemphasize the subject matter and to help organize his picture plane. His style would later influence artists like Matisse and Picasso so much, that he is today often called the father of modern art.

His early years were reminiscent of van Gogh in that his works were consistently ridiculed and rejected- maybe because of their dark and macabre nature. He eventually withdrew from his art friends and worked in isolation, not exhibiting art for about 20 years. Toward the end of his life however he slowly began to gain some popularity when other popular artists of the time-Monet, Pissarro and Renoir-began pushing art dealers to show his work again. By this time, he was also using more vibrant colors and less of the darker moody hues he used earlier.

****He was also known to throw away paintings he was not happy with or even give them to his son to cut up and use for puzzles. Sure wish I had one of those!!!!

Create 2 regulation size atcs each for two partners(total 4 atcs) based on the style of Paul Cezanne. Sign up deadline is January 20, 2017  Partners will be posted Jan 22 and Atcs should be mailed by Feb 24, 2017



  1. Sharon - Stacy, Elaine
  2. Elaine - Bonnie, Stacy
  3. Bonnie -Elaine, Sharon
  4. Stacy - Sharon, Bonnie

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Count me in ! Paul Cezanne's paintings have not caught my eye up till now but am finding it very interesting learning more about him and why he painted the way he did. Thank you for the time you take to set up the preamble to these swaps,Tracy.

Great! I'm glad you are enjoying it! With Chagall you could really see the love he had for his wife and how much he missed her. I'm not really sure what made Cezanne "tick" but I think you will like how varied his work is. 

Please sign me up for Cezanne's too Stacy. Thank you so much for your work on these swaps. Not sure I even come close to understanding how they thought or painted but sure is fun to delve into. 

Elaine Sobey , 28 Duncan Ave . Stratford, PEI,   Canada  C1B 1L3

Will do Elaine! I love looking through the past and seeing what made them tick. It helps me to understand their work a bit better.

Hey Everybody! Happy New Year! Sign me up for this one: Bonniediva, 1726 Lind Lane, Gurnee, IL 60031 USA

Coolness Bonnie! I hope you enjoy the "In the style of..." swaps =)

I'm actually trying my hand at painting a couple of these!

I'll post partners this evening so if there is anyone else who wants to try their hand at Cezanne you still have a few hours =)

Hi Stacy and Elaine, Your acts are in the post. xx

YAY! I have one more to make before I send mine out!

Hola All, Here are my wonderful cards from Bonnie. Thank you so much and looking forward to our next swap. x

These are beautiful Bonnie!!!



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