Can I outline my acrylic painting with black marker pen or would it look out of place? I don't want to experiment on a painted canvas. Has anyone done this before?

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paint some acrylic sample and let dry, then outline with marker........

I was wondering about the archival properties of markers recently...... because I did want to do what you are explaining.  A lot of art is outlined.... especially whimsical or poster art.   I did find the markers, archival, but didn't order them yet.


Yes you can use markers on the paint. Thats the nice thing about acrylic is its versitility so you can use multi mediums over it. Just have a good time with it and if outlining is what you think it needs then do it. Another nice thing about acrylics, if you don't like it you can paint over it.

Just make sure your markers are permanent. Many aren't, though they claim to be. Test them first. Mark on some paper, let it dry, then spray with water. If it doesn't run, smudge it, If it still doesn't run, you're good to go.

Yes it does work. I have done this several times

Thanks everyone, I'm soon going to try that..

ok, i have a silly question regarding this discussion. Why would you outline? i know, i know...silly question but i have to ask..

Hi Christina, I would outline sometime to experiment and I also think outlining sometimes brings out a form better. And if u r painting stripes and need a slim line of a third colour in between; rather than using a brush that can be uneven, a marker can be used, I think (that was my question)

Christina Mcclintock said:

ok, i have a silly question regarding this discussion. Why would you outline? i know, i know...silly question but i have to ask..

My art teacher told me to NEVER outline, but he also told me to NEVER obey the rules in art.... so there ya go!

In my "serious art", I don't outline unless the outline is an integral part of the whole, as in my Morrisseau-inspired series. In frivolous or playful art, like the stuff I do for my grandchildren, I usually do outline.

If I need to do long straight lines, I wouldn't normally use markers; I'd use painter's tape, burnish it really well on the painting edge and paint away from the tape so I don't get seepage under the tape.

I know this is an old thread, but I'm new here and my art (at the moment) relates to this very topic. Outlining with black marker works very well - but I would advise NOT to paint over it, because it shows through when the paint dries. I ruined a canvas once when I gessoed over part of a painting I wanted to change, so make sure the black marker pen is the very last thing you do to finish. :)

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