Ok, relatively new so here goes, I like my color pencils but would also like to do some stuff in pen, I find the pen good for outlining and texture. Now there are a good deal of markers and pens out there and I have a couple of sharpies fine pens and markers, and some other roller ball color pens. I do want to get the micro pen set, but would like to know what is good to use for what, some are for large areas, detail work, some work well with other media, such as pencil and or acrylic.... basically just need some pointers..


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Hi Kenneth,

I use fine line pens a lot in my art work. You are right, it is great for outlining and texture, using a black edge will definitely make your work pop out more!

I use two kinds of black pens. The first one I use is the brand 'Uni Pin'. They are available in different sizes, very fine till rather thick lines. Check the website for more information: http://www.uniball.co.uk/Products/Markers/PIN.aspx

I also use Uni posca (www.posca.com), this is a kind of acrylic paint filled pen which gives quit a thick line. 

If I want to use a colored pen, I just buy the brand of Hema, that is a Dutch warehouse, so I think not available in your country LOL!

I use the thicker ones for outlining and shadowing, the finer ones for texturing. I also use them in zentangles. It depends on the size of the artwork which thicknesses I use, the smaller the artwork, the finer the pen...

I think it is important pens are water and fade proof. But my experience is, that even if pens should be that, they sometimes do have the tendency to fade anyway. Sometimes I make the mistake to first draw with the pens and after that color it in. Most of the times, the lines will fade, especially working with water color. So the tip is to first use color and use the pen at last. 

The brands I mentioned work great with acrylics, aquarel paint and colored pencils. Only the Uni Posca will work on wax crayons.

Well, I hope this helps Kenneth!

Happy painting!

Thanks Des!

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