Pencil Drawing Learning Library - Free Online Resources (Websites, Videos, etc)

This thread is dedicated to listing free online resources for learning how to draw with pencil! 

This can include websites and videos, as long as they are free.

If you have found any online resources about pencil drawing that you would like to share, please post them below.

Thanks & Enjoy!

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Pencil drawing lessons on

How to draw and shade a rose in pencil:

How to draw and shade a puppy in pencil:

Realistic pencil drawing lessons:

Pencil portrait drawing lessons, including a lesson on shading:

Beginner and advanced pencil drawing info and tutorials:

Beginner drawing and shading lessons:  Drawspace

Lessons from Darrel Tank, including videos:

Thank you so much for all these resources. I've been looking at Darrel Tank's method. I'm wondering has anyone been using his technique. I'd love to hear how you find it. I've found it quite difficult, but hopefully just need more practice.  Thanking you in advance. Pauline


Should I have looked here first?


Donna Duquette said:

Beginner drawing and shading lessons:  Drawspace

Hi Peter!  Drawspace is just another free resource that is available for people who want to learn to draw.  Some of the lessons there are quite good; others maybe not as much.  Personally, I think it's best to start wherever you feel inspired to start because being motivated and inspired are probably half the battle!

General pencil shading tutorial (good for beginners):

Take a look at Paul Lung pencil drawings on your computer, they are amazing. I want to draw like that.

I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for posting these sites, I really appreciate it all so much!!! :D

Hi everyone! I started my own drawing tutorial link collection on Springpad a long while back. Sadly, Springpad closed its doors a month or so ago. I saved most of my links (thank God), and recreated this "link library" on Pearltrees and Learnist. I'm posting the links to those two sites here, because it would take me too long to link to each site individually. Hope you can find some good stuff here ....

87 drawing tutorial links on my Learnist page:

My little link garden on PearlTrees has more links. :)

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