Does anyone archive or put any sort of finish on color pencil projects?

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I do. I use a matte fixative.

I also do, a matte spray fixative, sometimes, depending on the subject.

Yes, I do as well.. Matt sealer... not only does it protect the integrity of the pencil work, it will also slightly "pop" any "flat" colors in the work. I usually only apply one coat, any more than that and it will sometimes dull the colors.

Like anything new, it is wise test it out on a scrap piece first, before you commit it to your main work.

I used to apply fixative when I was working with a wax based pencil. I read somewhere that it helps prevent wax bloom.  I now only work with non-wax based pencils (Polychromos or Pablos) so I don't anymore.  I've not seen anything definitive on whether a sealer helps or not.

I'm so glad I'm part of Art-is-Fun!  I was also reading that one should use fixative on colouring pencils artwork!

i love my mod podge.

or hair spray.

also i have 2 cans, erm did have 2 cans, but one didn't work the 2nd time i used it, so it went in the bin because even my diy dh couldn't fix the nozzle, . …can of glitter gloss gold very fine gold glitter, fixative-type spray.

i mean i'm not renoir or anyone so it doesn't really matter if i'm only experimenting does it?

I usually use Blair Artist Sprays - Very Low Odor Spray Fix from Jerrysartarama. It provides smudge proof protection for color pencil,Crayon, charcoal, soft pastel and chalk drawings.

Hi, I found the cheapest thing to use is a non perfumed hair spray - works for me - Brian

I don't apply a fixative as they tend to affect the colour. Matt and frame under glass the same as watercoulor and pastels.

The surface wax from my colored pencil drawings looks uneven from different angles. My perfect fix is Mod Podge matt finish which I brush on. It's crystal clear, evens out the surface, seals and protects my work.

You could look into odorless hair sprays.

Don't use hair spray it yellows your work within a very short time, use a proper fixative either matte or gloss, honestly its bettter not to fix then to use a product that will ruin your art within months.

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