Profile of the Week: Baljeet Kaur (posted December 10, 2012)

Welcome to Portfolio of the Week. We are delighted to present Baljeet Kaur from Maharashtra, India.

To see more of Baljeet's artwork, please visit:

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Please join us for this fascinating interview with Baljeet!

How would you describe your art?

I like to describe my work as pop art because it is bright and a mix of contemporary and traditional.

How long have you been an artist and how did you become an artist?

I think I have been an artist for as long as I remember. In fact, had my pocket allowed it, I would have gone to an art school and learnt more. All that I do is what I have learnt from books and wandering around art galleries over the years, and of course, experimenting. I started early in life by copying other artists' works…many times I wasn't happy with what I had made, so I stopped for months; but then interest beckoned and I picked up my brush again.

When I started making art work of my own, initially I realized that I was really bad. I tried very hard but something or the other was always lacking. The good part was that my passion didn't let me run away. It followed me till I got better. It took me a long time to be happy with what I was making.

I suppose my story is not different from any other struggling artist who can't let go of paint and brush; but that's how it happened for me and now, after all those years, I am beginning to feel okay with what I'm doing.

What is your favorite medium and why?

I like oil and acrylic both. Now days I work more in acrylics because it dries fast.

What are some of the challenges in working in your preferred medium?

I feel I have a problem with some colours being too transparent. I find it a bit tedious to repeat coats of colour to make it appear brighter or keep adding white to make them appear thicker.

Pick one work of art from your Art Colony portfolio and tell us the story behind it. Why does this piece have meaning to you? What steps did you take to create the piece? 

All of my artworks have stories under their feet. That one named 'Potpourri' (left) was made to enter an exhibition ( I had three ready works and the limit was four; so I thought' why not' and hurried to make a new one. At that time I had only one canvas remaining in my 'art closet' and the festival of Diwali was on, so I would paint for a while and then rush off to be with the family; after an hour or so, I would run back in and colour a bit. It was funny, harried but fun. I felt like a sneaky little child but I did end up completing it on time. The other one, named, a village in Rajasthan  (right) (, sprouted in my mind when my husband and I were driving through Rajasthan and we passed this small village tucked deep within massive sand dunes. There was some festival on and this village was festooned with colourful buntings. Women in bright red, orange and yellow dresses and men in purple and green and yellow turbans were all over. There was sound of drums and singing. It was a beautiful vision that I carried home that day and later painted on my canvas.

Tell us about one medium, technique or style that you would like to try working with (that you have not tried before) and why you would like to try this.

I want to experiment with collages next. I would love to amalgamate acrylic and paper and sequins and glitter on to canvas on hard wood. I think I can make lovely collages once I get a hang of the art, LOL.

Maybe I have this impression because I don't know much about it.

Of late I have surfed the net and have come across excellent mixed media work that have intrigued me. I am now waiting for a good workshop to come along so I can get the basics.

How do you make time for art?

I am a home maker, so, if I hurry with the housework, I can manage a couple of hours in the morning for painting.

Mostly, it is only those two hours that I can manage and if I have to go shopping, then I can't manage even those two hours

...then as I have written earlier, I have to sneak up time when the rest of the family is watching TV or something.


If you could imagine the “perfect art day” for yourself, what would it be like?

My perfect art day would be a bright sunny day. I'd probably get up from my bed and go straight to painting. My husband and kid would simply vanish into a lamp and leave me alone for that one day.

I would sit under my umbrella in the front lawn and not get up till afternoon. I'll have lunch and then collapse on the same lawn and make shapes of the clouds floating in the sky.

I may then get on the net and see what other artists are up to in the world, and then I'd go back to my own painting with a mug of coffee in my hand.

If you could spend 24 hours with one artist, living or historical, who would you want to spend the day with and why? What would the two of you do?

I would love to spend some time with Niloufer Wadia, an Indian artist living in Mumbai. I admire her work a lot and would love to paint like her.

If I get to spend a day with her, I'd love to spend that day in her studio and watch her paint; then may be I'll invite her over to my house for dinner. As I said earlier I have learnt by seeing work by others, so I'll learn something in the bargain.

But why only one? I'd like to spend a day with a lot of friends here on Art Colony and see how they work, like Alexis Ciccone and Sharon Gilbertson.

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Great work Balijeet ! So bright and colorful. I love looking at your paintings and just falling into a day dream. I'm looking forward to more of your wonderful art in the coming year. If you do find that lamp can I borrow it after Meg ? LOL

Thanks for sharing. I'm like a magpie--anything bright and shiny catches my attention.

Baljeet, thank you for sharing your lovely work with us.  It's so unique, and busy, and intricate.  I don't think I'd have the patience for the detail you add in.  I'm so glad your passion wouldn't let you quit.  You've developed a wonderful gift!

thanks's your encouragement that keeps me going. Thanks a lot..and Meg, the lamp is on its way :D in law may be :))

Hi Baljeet,

Really great work, I love you creativity and determination to keep going.

Your bright colors are beautiful.(:

very nice work Baljeet...i also love to do painting with acrylics..:)

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