Profile of the Week: Danny Vaughan Barrett (posted September 25, 2012)

Welcome to Portfolio of the Week. We are delighted to present Danny Vaughan Barrett of Dunedin, New Zealand.

Danny has an eclectic art style. His pure graphite artworks are particularly inspiring. Please visit Danny's gallery to see more of his artwork:

When you view Danny's portfolio, be sure to click "View Full Size" below each piece or artwork to see it larger!

Please join us for this interesting interview with Danny.

How long have you been an artist?

I don’t consider myself as an artist yet, but I used to paint and draw when I was younger, it was cartoon and flat, ok for tattoos and car murals. I gave up for years until a couple of years ago. I was broke wanted to give my girlfriend something personal, so I did a pencil drawing of her father. It was quite spiritual for me, so to me it’s only been nearly two years now, as I’m relearning every thing from the beginning starting with the pencil.

What is your favourite medium and why?

So far my medium is the pencil, it is so versatile. You can get so many different shades, it will mark most surfaces and you can carry it anywhere with you.

What are some of the challenges in working in your preferred medium?

The main challenge I have with pencils is how to shade different colours (e.g. light colours on a light background, yellow on a light green).

How did you learn to draw?

I was told when I was at school "never rub out and don’t smudge." Ha, was he wrong. Now I get my information from you tube and art colony, I read the questions fellow colonists ask and learn that way.

Who or what has influenced your art?

There is not just one thing that influences me; it’s a collection of stuff. Other peoples art, light and shade, moment of time or “Kodak moment” as I call it, thinking that it will make a good drawing.

What inspires you?

My animals or (fur kids), other artist, and my girlfriend - she encourages my endeavours. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be drawing now.’

How do you make time for art?

I don’t watch much TV so I have plenty of time at night, and it’s quiet unless I have the music up too loud.

What is your favourite subject mater and why?

The main subjects are cats (tigers), and eyes which are the only colour I add to my drawings. But I do love birds and trees.

Do you have any tips or advice for your fellow artist?

The only thing I can think of at the moment is "if it is the best you can do and you are happy with it, don’t change it to suit other people". And if you are having trouble with it, put it away and come back to it when you calm down and have another go.

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Your drawings are stunning!! Ive just completed a very basic beginners drawing class and i love the way you just start with a geometric design and it becomes this beautiful piece of art.

Its nice you have your girlfriend to support you!!! My hubby is pretty supportive, doesnt know the first thing about art but he knows what he likes. LOL

Love all your work ! You definitely are an artist !!

Your cat drawings are fantastic! I especially love the drawing of the blue eyed snow leopard!

Whoaaaaa!!!!  You are gooooood!!!  I agree with Sylvia.  The eyes of the leopard are amazing.  And the birds....oh my, I love it all.

Danny I am stunned that you do not consider yourself an artist. You set the bar high! The care you use to capture the detail of the big cats, the subtle nuances that give glimpses into the heart of these subjects is so captivating I want to show your drwaings to every student in my drawing classes.

I also like visiting youtube and the art colony groups for lessons, tips and inspiration. The internet has added so much variety and range to creative learning. Keep up the fantastic work!

Great stuff Danny. I love to look and learn from your art. Keep it up

Great work Danny. You do very well.

Beauitful work!!!

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