Profile of the Week: Iveta Autratová (posted May 14, 2012)

Welcome to Portfolio of the Week. We are delighted to present Iveta Autratová, from Brno in the Czech Republic.

Iveta's beautiful paintings have touched the hearts of many of us here at The Art Colony. Her animal paintings in particular often carry expressions that we can identify with and that hint at a real closeness to nature.

Please visit Iveta's gallery to see more of her lovely artwork. When you view Iveta's portfolio, be sure to click "View Full Size" below each piece or artwork to see it larger!

Please join us for this delightful interview with Iveta.


How would you describe your art?

My art is realism, full of colors, details and usually animals play the main role in it.

How long have you been an artist?

I do not know whether I am an artist, although I hope so :o).

I’ve been painting since I was a child, but I seriously have started a few years ago :o). As a child I had several pets like a tortoise, a dog, rabbits, cats, fish, lizards … and these were my models. My pictures were simple but full of love for animals.

 What is your favorite medium and why?

I like lots of mediums, but my favorite one is the pastel. It seems to me so beautiful! I am keen on using these brightening vibrant colors, which can be used for lots of different painting styles. I love the softness and lightness. I also can leave the work without any worries about the brushes or the colors on the palette.

How did you learn to draw/paint?

I am a self-taught artist, but I've been to several courses and I used to go to school for talented children.

When I started to work with acrylic, I decided to learn more about painting, so

I’ve been going to an evening course to learn to paint.


Who or what has influenced your art?

My father can paint very beautifully. He advised me and supported my talent when I was small, but my parents didn’t have enough money to make it possible for me to study art. I’ve read all the books by Gerrald Durrell—I love his humor, his talent and definitely his effort to protect animals! I even used to dream of having my own ZOO like him!

Among other artists who influenced me are Michael Lawes, Sally Strand, Robert Bateman and from my country Jan Dungel. I highly admire him—he is a Czech scientist of nature, an artist, an illustrator a traveler and very modest person :o). Also Libor Vojkůvka, who is a Czech artist.

Now that I am using this incredible Art colony I have lots of great and talented friends here who have influenced me too, and I am very happy with the opportunity!

What inspires you?

Everything. Beautiful colors, the sunrise, a particular mood, moments I find interesting, music, my friends, art, people I have met, animals, my children, my husband, traveling, the spring … loads of things :o)).

How do you make time for art?

I promised myself to paint almost every day, but it is impossible when you have a family, children, two dogs, a house, a garden and small pets at home :o))). However, my family supports me and I put in all the free time I have.

What is your favorite subject matter and why?

My favorite subject is animals. I like to let them live with people in their homes through my pictures, to bring them closer and to remind people they are here, too! I like to help to protect animals. They are incredible and we need them :o)).


Do you have any tips or advice for your fellow artists?

Be you, be patient, and believe in yourself!!!


My web site:


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Dear Sherril, thank you! I highly appreciate your  beautiful words!!!

Iveta my friend..... I have been away for awhile and just checked in to see you are Portfolio of the Week.... Fantastic... I would say without a doubt your art and lovely comments has inspired me the most... I would never have tried a lot of my art if it wasn't for you. Once again Congratulations Iveta and your art is SOOOOOO good.


Iveta, congratulations on 'profile of the week'! You have a great body of work that continues to grow. We are lucky that you have shared your work with us. I love your levels of detail on your animals along with the bright colors, something we both enjoy. Always look forward to your next piece.

Meg .....:o)))))))))))))))))) thank you!!!!! I highly appreciate your comments dear Meg!!

Mike, my dear friend, thank you for your heartwarming words!!! Your opinion is so important for me, your works are my inspiration!!

Dear Jane, thank you for so lovely comment!!! I am very happy that I´ve got a chance to see your unique art here!!!


My dearest friend,

I am so delighted to see you featured as the Profile of the Week! You are amazing and such a talented ARTIST!  Of course you're an artist, silly girl. Your work is stunning!

I loved reading that you went to school for talented children! And, I didn't realize you had "children". I knew you had one, but wasn't aware of more. So, not only did I learn more about why you became an artist, I learned more about what inspires you!

I must echo other people's comments about what a jewel you are and about how you encourage so many of us! I so appreciate your friendship and the inspiration you give me! One day I hope to draw as well as you do!!

You are simply amazing in so many ways, dear one! What a gift God has given us with your friendship and your incredible gift of art! I'm very thankful to know you and be able to appreciate your work!

Love you,


Teej, my lovely dearest friend, like to hug you and kiss you!!!

Your comment makes me so happy!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Love your amazing work!!! Love you!!!

I have two children, son is 24 and daughter 15 :o))))).


Angela! Many many thanks for your beautiful words! I am very pleased my friend!!!!

I love your lovely pictures,....... love the girls plaing the music instruments!!!!!!

You are most welcome, Iv! A son 24? You must have had him when you were 12 years old! Love you and sending you many many hugs!

Tj Voelker said:

You are most welcome, Iv! A son 24? You must have had him when you were 12 years old! Love you and sending you many many hugs!

:o))) I am little bit older than I seem so :o)))), love you!!!

Congratulations, Iveta!!! You so deserve the honor!!!

haha! :o))))))

Iveta Autratová said:

Tj Voelker said:

You are most welcome, Iv! A son 24? You must have had him when you were 12 years old! Love you and sending you many many hugs!

:o))) I am little bit older than I seem so :o)))), love you!!!

You deserve this, being such a great nature artist but also managing a family too :) I swear you must have super powers but more probably a super spirit and super heart and mind. 
I am glad that you are a member of the Art Colony because I get to see your wonderful artwork and yes believe in yourself too and believe me when I say, you are truly an artist :)
Happy days dear friend and well done
Alan :))))

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