Welcome to Profile of the Week! We are delighted to present Jasenko Đorđević from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Jasenko creates stunningly detailed miniature sculptures on the tips of pencils. To see more of Jasenko's artwork, visit his gallery: http://community.art-is-fun.com/photo/photo/listForContributor?scre...

When you view his portfolio, be sure to click on the images to view them larger!

Please join us for this interview with Jasenko:

How would you describe your art?

I am not quite sure how to describe it. Maybe as a kind of destructive – constructive art, as I destroy pencils which are tools for art and at the same time create a work of art. 

How long have you been an artist and how did you become an artist?

The art is something one is born with, and therefore I can say that I have been an artist from my early childhood. I have always shown love for art, especially in drawing. During primary and secondary school, most of my drawings were displayed on school exhibitions. Besides drawing, I used to express my art in making different toys and gifts for my friends.  My favorite was making origami figures. I even applied with one of those figures for the Guinness book of records. Namely, it was a paper boat and the dimensions of the paper were 1,5 x 2,5 mm. The dimensions of the boat itself amounted to 1 x 1 x 0,7 mm. So it was really small and tiny.

Few years ago, my brother sent me a web link with the works of Dalton Ghetti, asking me if I can make the same. I was surprised by his work, as never before have I seen something similar. However, I tried, and the very next day, I sent him one sculpture. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the beginning of the new form of expression. Later on, I did some research and experimented with different types of pencils until I learned which types of pencils I can use to make sculptures. I am still in the experimental phase but with a lot of experience (more than 3 years of work and over 70 finished sculptures).

What is your favorite medium and why? What are some of the challenges in working in your preferred medium?

Since I make sculptures on pencil black lead I can say it is black lead. Even before I started to use it to make sculptures, I used it for my drawings. It is very interesting to work with, since it is hard and fragile at the same time. One has to be very careful when working with black lead, as the smallest lack of attention can lead to its cracking. You do not have a chance to make a mistake as you cannot compensate for what you have removed. You have a little surface to work on, so you have to use all your creativity to put a tridimensional form on such a small surface. It is that challenge that has attracted me in the first place.

Pick one work of art from your Art Colony portfolio and tell us the story behind it. Why does this piece have meaning to you? What steps did you take to create the piece?

If there should be a piece of art to pick it would be “Babushka” (shown below). It was my first experimental work. Even as a child I was fascinated by that figure. I remember the first time I saw it, and then I opened it and found one identical figure in it, and then another, and then inside that one another… After few early sculptures that I have made I remembered that figure from my childhood and I decided to try and make it. The plan was to use one piece of black lead to make the whole figure. In order to do that I had to make a longer body. I formed the upper half (upper part of the body) and then cut it. I made a small figure from the middle part. Finally, I formed the lower part of the body. Then I caved the upper and lower body part and made a small hollow which the smaller figure could fit in. The project lasted for about 10 hours (about 2 hours each day) and I made the sculpture from the first attempt.

Tell us about one medium, technique or style that you would like to try working with (that you have not tried before) and why you would like to try this.

I think it would be wood. I have never made wood sculptures since I don’t have proper tools to try it. In a way, wood is similar to black lead. The difference is in the structure. You have on chance to make what you have imagined and every mistake you make will be visible. For example, if you work with clay and other materials, mistakes are allowed and you can add and change the shape until you get what you want. With the wood, that is not the case.

How do you make time for art?

You can always find enough time for art, like for anything else in the life. I usually do it in the evening. The ritual is almost always the same. I prepare the necessary tools (scalpels, needles), turn on strong lights and play some music, depending on my mood. Then I make a sketch on the paper (usually with the pencil I intend to make the sculpture from), and if it’s something complicated, I make a plan and schedule for working on the black lead. I sharpen the pencil and remove the necessary amount of black lead and start. If, due to its complexity, a sculpture cannot be made in 3-4 hours (usually after that period of time my eyes get tired since I work without magnifier), I leave it for some other day. I always make the sculptures in several phases. The first, if possible, is from one attempt (several hours) when the sculpture gets its shape. Later on, I work on specific details for few more days.

If you could imagine the “perfect art day” for yourself, what would it be like?

Since I make sculptures only when I’m in mood and prepare the working environment every time, in order to make it more relaxing, I can freely say that every time I make a sculpture is a perfect art day.

If you could spend 24 hours with one artist, living or historical, who would you want to spend the day with and why?  What would the two of you do?

Although there are many artists whom I respect and whom I could choose (like Picasso, Dali…), I think I would rather pick Willard Wigan. He is an amazing artist who makes amazing micro sculptures. I would probably use the time spent with him to learn how he makes his sculptures and acquire basic techniques, if it is possible in 24 hours?! In any case, I would like to try this almost impossible kind of art.

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Very nice Jasenko, enjoyed reading it. Your boat must have been something to see.

Wow, amazing, I have never thought of anything like this, how very unique.

Your art is amazing! How talented you are and your art is so different. I love different! Congrats on profile of the week, You certainly deserve it.

You are very talented..thank you for sharing!

wow those are amazing Jasenko! great interview too!

thank heaven there are enlarged photos, because i would have difficulty seeing them, let alone carving them... what an amazing talent! :o)

AMAZING!  I love tiny details in art work...these are very tiny details.....love it!

Truly Amazing !!

I've enjoyed reading your interview Jasenko your sculptures are truly amazing so much detail you must have so much patience !! Lyn x

congrats Jasenko...what you do is absolutely amazing.

Good interview, Jasenko. I can't believe you don't use a magnifier!

People who visit us always compliment your seahorse sculpture.

Thank you all for such great comments. I'm truly glad that you like my work. You can see some of my work on the FB page: www.facebook.com/pages/TOLDart/217684178256304 and on my site: www.toldart.com

@ Marcus: I rarely use a magnifying glass, only in cases where it is a very small detail :) 


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