Welcome to Profile of the Week! We are delighted to present Luis Mendoza from Manila, Phillippines.

Luis creates experimental art in a variety of styles, subjects and media. To see more of Luis' artwork, visit his gallery: http://community.art-is-fun.com/photo/photo/listForContributor?scre...

When you view his portfolio, be sure to click on the images to view them larger!

Please join us for this interview with Luis:

How would you describe your art?

I would describe my art to be more on the varied, freestyle kind, because I like to try new things all the time. So for me its varied. One day I'm doing portraits the next day its typography. It's kinda crazy but it is what it is.

How long have you been an artist and how did you become an artist?

I think being an artist runs in the family. Uncles, cousins, I even have a brother who is a popular tattoo artist in the Philippines. So, yeah, maybe it runs in the family. I really don't know how long have I been an artist; but I do know the last 5 years are the best art years I ever had so far.

What is your favorite medium and why?

Soft pencils, charcoal pencils, acrylics and watercolor.

What are some of the challenges in working in your preferred medium?

Using soft pencils and charcoal doesn't pose much of a challenge. The acrylics, a little bit because it dries quickly, especially when you paint a bit slower.

Pick one work of art from your Art Colony portfolio and tell us the story behind it. Why does this piece have meaning to you?

I did a portrait of my grandmother on her wedding day (shown above). She was 19 years old that time. It was from an old photo. Funny thing is I didn't know it was her. I always have these image of my grandmother as this gracious elderly woman so it didn't sink in really quick that this beautiful 19 year old is her.

Tell us about one medium, technique or style that you would like to try working with (that you have not tried before) and why you would like to try this.

Clay and wood. I would like to dip my hands on sculpture, and woodcarving. I like to learn how to create things with my bare hands. I also want to learn how to use a chisel and the controlled force that goes with it. In the Philippines we have a place there where there are a generation (families) of wood carvers. I can just sit there and watch these guys do their thing.

How do you make time for art?

Every free time I get, every down time, I just sit down with a paper and a pencil.

If you could imagine the “perfect art day” for yourself, what would it be like?

A table with a variety of pencils, sharpies, maybe some watercolor, a good quality paper or canvass and music! Then its time to soar!

If you could spend 24 hours with one artist, living or historical, who would you want to spend the day with and why? What would the two of you do?

Fernando Amorsolo, the great Filipino artist. I love his oil paintings depicting Philippine rural life. What are we gonna do? He'll paint and I'll watch. Hahaha!

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Mabuhay Luis!...LOL...Congrats on your featured story...enjoyed it very much...loved the pieces that were showcased too...

I like the details of your work and the vibrancy of your colors  Bob H.

Nelson Failing said:

Mabuhay Luis!...LOL...Congrats on your featured story...enjoyed it very much...loved the pieces that were showcased too...

Aw shucks! hehehe! Thanks Nelson, I appreciate it very much.!

Robert J. Heinrichs said:

I like the details of your work and the vibrancy of your colors  Bob H.

Thank you Sir, 

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