This is my second piece working with colored pencil. It's all new to me. I've mostly been watching YouTube videos and reading on the web different techniques. This isn't finished I'm wondering what people like to use to blend color. Also I was going to add clouds and grass, now I'm thinking it might be too busy and detract from the little figure.

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I can't help  you. I'm a crafter. However, that little boy captured my heart. I have three sons who did this exact thing. It's a lovely portrayal of a little boy.

Others will help you with your details.

Thank you Cathey. It's from a picture that daughter took of my grandson. ❤️

How delightful for you.

Hi Cathy!        There are a variety of choices to blend your colored pencils with.  There are colorless blenders in pencil form. Some people use a lighter color of pencil and extra pressure to blend their layers. There are also a variety of solvents that you can use...rubbing alcohol, baby oil, odorless mineral spirits to name  a few.  I haven't seen your piece yet, but simply applying additional pressure as you apply the last layers of pencil is often enough to do the trick.  With wax based pencils, you can get too much wax built up and it can create what is known as "wax bloom." ...using a solvent, applied lightly with a small paint brush can help stop the wax bloom.  Don't forget to seal your final image with a few layers of a spray sealer to protect your work.

Hi Cathy, I also haven't seen you painting, what pencils are you using? If it's a wax base eg Derwent then as Pris said use a sealant but if they are oil based eg Polychromeos then if you try to seal them it will spoil your painting. I would use an oderless solvent with a brush to blend in clouds also a blending pencil would help. Hope this helps. Dave.
Hi Pris and Dave thanks for your replies! Im using prismacolor wax pencils. I'll try experimenting with different blenders. I see such beautiful paintings using colored pencils it's hard to believe they were actually done with pencil. Mine still look like pencil with lots of white paper showing through. I tried to post to this page again but wasn't successful. I did upload to my page now I have to figure out how to get it into this discussion. Thanks again
Hi Cathy, I'm doing a course with the London Art College at the moment on coloured pencils and my tutor's advice is to keep building up the colour so that all white is eliminated except of course for highlights. I only blend when I want to build up depth of colour and use a derwent blening pencil or light pencil then layer more colour on top I never blend with solvent though.
Ok Yvonne thank you. I'm learning quite a bit from this piece and all the advice is helpful. I can see where each way of blending could have its purpose. Do u ever use a colorless blender? I'm not sure I like using solvent but it may be helpful in a background where one has to cover a lot of area.
A solvent is useful when you want to retain the tooth in your paper it melts the wax/oil of the pencil and fills all the tiny white or in my case (I like to use coloured pastel paper) the coloured spots. This enables you to add more layers of pencil to your painting.
Thank you Dave. I did my first color pencil on pastel paper . I like how it came out but now that I know more I think I need to go back and work on blending and layering.



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