Critique Forum Guidelines

Would you like to receive a friendly critique of your art?  Here's how!

The Art Colony has a special forum dedicated to giving and receiving art critiques:

Whether you are seeking specific advice or want general feedback about your artwork, this is where you can upload your art to request a constructive critique.

When you post your art in the Critique Forum, please:

  • Tell us about it: (medium, size, techniques, what inspired the piece, what you hope to accomplish with the piece, etc). If you simply post your art without telling us these basic details, your post may be deleted without warning and/or you might not receive any response at all, because it is difficult for others to give a constructive critique without knowing this information.  Requesting a critique is a two-way street - if you want others to give of their time and energy to help you, then you must give us something to work with, too.
  • Example: If you simply post your art in the Critique Corner and write, "This is my painting. Tell me what you think!" - that's not enough information at all for anyone to give you a genuine critique, so there is a strong chance you won't receive much of a response.
  • If you have specific questions about certain aspects of your piece, please ask in your initial post, because it will help other members hone in on the areas where you want feedback.
  • Please do not request a critique from a specific member. This would place unfair pressure on the member to respond, when that member may be unable to respond for whatever reasons.

When you post comments in the Critique forum, please:

  • Only make comments that are friendly. Because the Critique Forum is a safe place for members of all abilities to share their work and receive useful feedback, any negative posts may be deleted without warning by a moderator.
  • Only make comments that are constructive. Please do not just post, "I like this piece!" without saying why you like it - point out the specific elements of the artwork that you like, because this is far more beneficial to the person who posted it than a generic positive comment.

Before posting, please read through the Forum Guidelines.

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