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You may also comment on other people's artwork, but remember to keep it friendly and constructive.  If you like a piece, please explain why.

Can't wait to see your abstract art!  :)

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hi this is my latest artwork in pen...peacocks!!


Untitled, acrylic on canvas.

It was based on a drawing with lettraset twin tip felts. Its an experiment with complimentaty colours, I'm planning a few more of these with other colour cominations but im out of canvas at the moment. What do you think? 

this is nice...looks interesting n i love the theme...:) will start today itself :)

Grace L. Sanford said:
A couple of days ago I joined the Portraits group, and right now the first monthly Portrait theme is going on. The July theme is  HANDS: "Create a portrait that includes at least one of your subject's hands." Thaneeya has made two entries, one is a hand formed in the sign language letter "T" done with well executed pointillism technique. The other one she posted is an abstract version of the lines on her left palm drawn with black ink.   She explained, "All in all I found it to be an interesting way to start an abstract - by looking at something in real life and selecting which parts of it to draw."  What a Cool Idea!! Right away I loved this idea, and as I looked around in my immediate area I found something I could apply to this method right next to me. The front of my computer tower has a fun pattern on it which I could see developed into an abstract. So the pictures are of the front of the tower and the abstract I drew from that. I can't wait to find another "found abstract."
hi rob...this is the forms...very graphic!!! love ur composition....n colors too :)

Rob Crompton said:

Untitled, acrylic on canvas.

It was based on a drawing with lettraset twin tip felts. Its an experiment with complimentaty colours, I'm planning a few more of these with other colour cominations but im out of canvas at the moment. What do you think? 

Shweta - very pretty!!  I like how the two peacocks are entwined. Are you going to color them in?


Rob - very cool concept and you've painted it nicely.  I like how the shapes look like they're falling to pieces in the bottom half.  I also like the colors you chose.  A series using different color schemes would be a great idea!

this is my latest artwork in water color n pens ...


My keys spoke to me !

Very cool, Marilyn!  This is like a "found abstract": so I think it would fit in there, too! 

I like the composition of your drawing - it's very dynamic.

Marilyn Parigian said:

My keys spoke to me !

This is great, Grace! I think I actually recognize the composition from when I last looked at your ATCs.  It's cool to see how you've revisited the piece and changed the colors and patterns.  It was interesting to read how you digitally reconstructed the original. 

I like the idea of revisiting old pieces and changing them. It just shows how much potential there is in each piece... infinite possibilities!

I am attempting to give myself an art education and I recently purchased the book Painting Abstracts: Ideas, Projects, and Techniques by Rolina van Vliet.  I thought I would post one of the exercises here and show you guys what I did.  Let me know what you think - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I don't have any outside input from anyone, and I am not objective when it comes to my own art. 

This exercise is to design a composition with large and small splashes of color, using smaller shapes in the center and larger shapes on the outside.  The theme of the exercise is "playing with shape features: large, small, with and without countours." Elements emphasized should be line, shape, color, size, tone, harmony, rhythm, repetition, design, and dynamics.

 It is colored pencil on paper.  What do you think?  I would also love to see what you would come up with when following those parameters.  It would be so fun to see how many different ways those instructions could be interpreted.  I'm not that imaginative, so my interpretation is quite literal. 

Grace, I am so glad you said that!  I had to read and re-read over the exercise to try to grasp what to do.  I was thinking I must not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.  I was so glad that I'm doing this on my own and not in an actual class.  I can just see myself sitting there with a confused look on my face while everyone else was working away furiously.  I didn't copy the instructions word for word when I posted this, either.  I made it what I thought would be easier to understand.  But, I think that is actually the point.  The author is trying to encourage originality and creativity while making you think about using the different elements of art thoughtfully.   I think the instructions are deliberately vague to encourage individual creativity.   I'm finding out that abstract art is the most challenging for me.  I'm just not very creative (thus the point of the exercises.) 

Do you think this would be a good topic to blog about?  I was thinking about going through this book and blogging my experience.  Kind of the art version of Julia and Julia or was is Julie and Julia?  I can't remember.  What do you think?

BTW, thank you for your kind comments and critique.  I really appreciate your input.

Hi Starr, I think you are creative and imaginative if you were able to come up with this!  I agree with Grace, that you have executed the exercise perfectly, given the parameters. 


I think your drawing has a lot of movement and depth.  When I look at it, my eyes are encouraged to wander all over the piece, rather than stay stuck in one place, and that is a good thing.  In the middle, especially, is where I see a sense of depth. It's hard to put into words, but it's like I see 'strips' of different colors that are overlapping other strips or blocks of color. This makes it interesting.


I also think your drawing is very well-balanced, in terms of the colors and shapes that you used.


It would be fun to follow along if you blogged about your experience as you go through the book.  I'm not familiar with the book but it sounds like it might have some interesting exercises - once you decipher them! ;)  It would be neat to see what you come up with as you explore abstract art.



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