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Can't wait to see your abstract art!  :)

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Thanks so much for your feedback, Thaneeya.  I really appreciate all your comments.  It's so encouraging!  It makes me want to do more!  I am not the sort of person who can pull something out of the clear blue sky, so having this book as a guide is really helpful.  I'm hoping to be able to build upon my experience doing these exercises and eventually be able to come up with ideas of my own.  I believe that everyone can be creative, but my creativity is like a flabby muscle that hasn't been used very much.  My hope is that I can willfully develop it in this way.  I think I have decided that I will blog about my experience in trying to teach myself art.  I just can't think of a subject title!  "An Odyssey of Self-Education" no. Sounds too pompous.  I'm stumped.  If I can come up with a good title, I'll be off and running.  You can see what I mean.  I have to strain my brain to come up something.

I think this qualifies as abstract.  It is graphite on bristal vellum and it is my own made up design from my imagination.  Please forgive me if this does not qualify as an abstract, as I have quite a number of these I would love to share with fellow members of the group.


Oh yeah, and this was done and sent as a birthday card for my daughters 28th birthday.  It is called "Crystal's Birthday card".


I absolutely love both of these!

shweta rao said:

this is my latest artwork in water color n pens ...

Marsha, your drawing definitely qualifies as abstract and it's very lovely!  I like the range of values you incorporated, from lights to darks and an excellent range in between. Certain parts of your drawing look 3-dimensional which adds another element of interest.  Your design is flowing, whimsical and fun. 


What a cool birthday card!! I bet your daughter loved it.  I love giving art to people on birthdays and other special occasions.


If you have more abstracts to share, it would be great to see them! :)

This is so beautiful - I love all the different patterns.

Grace L. Sanford said:
I made this piece for the July theme of MUSIC, so I titled it "Light Jazz." It's done on 140 lb. coldpress watercolor paper, 9 X 12 inches, with a Pigma Micron 01 black ink pen and various colored pencils. It's supposed to be about jazzy sound vibrations. I feel fairly underwhelmed by the whole thing. Although it is very much brighter than the photo shows, I still feel that not only did I not convey vibration very well, I'm just not pleased with some of the color choices. I started out with the radiating spaces with cream, limepeel, aqua, and blush pink, and I like those colors. Except for the middle area, I like the basic drawing, but I don't like much else. I would welcome comments, suggestions, and critiques.
I like it as it is, only the colors are too dim for my taste. But this is only my personal preference, because I like it bright :-). The color composition is very good, they complement eachother nicely.

Hi, this is my first abstract painting which I have done using acrylics. My problem was deciding when it was finished??  

My inspiration, as so often, is the sea so I think I shall just call it Waves.

I would appreciate any feedback.


Hi Shweta, I just love this one.. it is so awesome!

Which brand of water colors do u use? and are these Archival Ink pens?


shweta rao said:

this is my latest artwork in water color n pens ...

I wasn't sure if I should post it under Portraits or here, but I think it is more abstract although I did make a sketch before. But I also added elements to it, so it is not the same as the photo. It was very interesting to do it, because I never painted a person before. My intent was to paint what I see inside, not trying to stick to the photo except the rough similarities. Not sure if I suceeded and I know that it is not great in the technical aspect because I am not a good drawer. Tried to make the best out of it.

I love the colors, really beautiful.

Khyati Mehra Sharma said:

Hi Shweta, I just love this one.. it is so awesome!

Which brand of water colors do u use? and are these Archival Ink pens?


shweta rao said:

this is my latest artwork in water color n pens ...

7x10 sketch called Distortions. How we are made to feel about our bodies, whether from tv, magazines or family. I didn't spend much time as a child in front of a mirror, so my Dad lead me to believe I was fat, but a few years ago after my big sisters suicide I went back to California. i was looking through an album as she had all the family albums, much to my surprise and my other sisters I wasn't over weight at all. In fact from the time we could pull weeds, about 6, we worked, bucking bails, chopping wood. I was very muscular, more so them most guys my age. So it's no wonder so many women, and men have distorted images of themselves.



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