Post your finished Abstract Art here for Show & Tell!

Your work can be any size, any medium, as long as it is abstract and as long as it is finished.  There will be a separate thread for works-in-progress, if you want feedback on a piece before it is finished.

Please check out the Show & Tell Guidelines before posting here.

Be sure to do all of the things below if you are posting your work:

  • Show us your artwork - 1 artwork per post. (Click here to learn how to add an image to your forum post.)
  • Tell us about it (medium, size, techniques, and what inspired the piece).
  • Tell us whether you welcome critique. You can type something like "Comments and feedback welcome" to indicate that you are interested in receiving constructive criticism that may help broaden your art skills. If you have specific questions about certain aspects of your piece, please ask in your initial post, because it will help other members hone in on the areas where you want feedback.

You may also comment on other people's artwork, but remember to keep it friendly and constructive.  If you like a piece, please explain why.

Can't wait to see your abstract art!  :)

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Dandylion Wishes & the Wisdom Tree - I would like to ask everyone if they think I should do anything else to this...It kind of feels not finished to me some how and I can't quiet put my finger on it. I would appreciate the feed back. Thank you.

Hi Cat, Thanks for sharing your latest mixed media abstracts! I would agree that the "Dandylion Wishes & the Wisdom Tree" could be worked on a little more, although you could also consider it finished, depending on what look you are going for. I think it is beautiful as is but the left side is not as interesting to me as the right side, in terms of visual balance. Perhaps you could add something to the left side or lower left side to balance out the tree in the upper right. Just a thought!

Btw, if anyone is seeking specific feedback about their abstract art, it's probably best to start a whole new discussion to ask for advice rather than post in this Show & Tell thread. This Show & Tell thread was started with TAC first began, as an experiment to see if it would be a good way to share art and exchange feedback, but now it seems like it's better for people to start their own discussions when they want feedback. If people just want to Show & Tell and aren't concerned about receiving feedback then this thread is still a good place to post. Hope this helps. :)

shweta rao said:

hi just finished this one!!! abstract butterflies....was fun making these !! wat do you think?

Loving your artwork, varied in style but love the abstract element

Me Too !! I'm loving it !!

Am i posting in the right place?... oh well

here is my latest drip panting...

while i was spraying and splattering paint all over the paper... I suddenly saw a kitty somewhere in the picture so i made it come out.. hahahaha...

so there's my art story while doing this project...

very nice.

shweta rao said:

hi this is my latest artwork in pen...peacocks!!

wow. you let me without words.

shweta rao said:

hi rob...this is the forms...very graphic!!! love ur composition....n colors too :)

Rob Crompton said:

Untitled, acrylic on canvas.

It was based on a drawing with lettraset twin tip felts. Its an experiment with complimentaty colours, I'm planning a few more of these with other colour cominations but im out of canvas at the moment. What do you think? 

love it very much.

Sue O'Sullivan said:

Hi, this is my first abstract painting which I have done using acrylics. My problem was deciding when it was finished??  

My inspiration, as so often, is the sea so I think I shall just call it Waves.

I would appreciate any feedback.


This is a new abstract piece I have been working on- it's a bit of a diversion for me but I am enjoying the process.

Here is another new abstract to come out of my studio this week.



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