I always wanted to try to draw. And I always wanted to paint. I started sketching in February to keep my hands busy because I was trying to stop smoking because I just was hospitalized on the 14th and I had 2 blood clots in my lungs. So to keep my self busy I borrowed my daughter's art sketch book and started trying to draw. Well right away I realized I could learn a few things I went to the local Michael's craft store and went and grabbed a book on how to draw and sketch in art that was way harder than I expected . There were like 1 million books on how to draw and paint and sketch. I finally found one that had everything in it that I thought I would need to learn . I then proceeded to buy all the things it said to have to learn to sketch and draw and paint . I husband seemed fine with it at the time because it wasn't a carton of cigarettes I was buying I was buying art supplies which was actually cheaper than cigarettes. I started sketching first found out I was okay with the smudging and charcoal and oil base pastels. So I was good at blending I was not so good at direct lines and curvatures . I'm still practicing everything that I see and look at and I hope to some day be able to paint it after a while. So looking forward to learning more and spending time with people that can really teach me something thank you .

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Welcome Jennifer! I hope your health has much improved. You found an excellent alternative to smoking! Congratulations! (As a matter of fact, I'm a moderator for an online quit smoking forum at about.com. If you'd like some extra support, let me know. It's a wonderful, supportive community for people at all stages of their quits.)

I'm late to finding expression through art, too, and I love it!  Everyone here is so kind and helpful. 

I just wanted to give some words of encouragement. You are not alone. Even artists who've been doing it a long time can get intimidated by trying something new. You've probably improved a lot since you wrote this but I wanted to suggest you try Zentangle. I'm sure there's lots of examples here or just google it. Plus you don't need books or extra supplies. It will help you practice the curves and shapes without realizing that your practicing. You'll just be creating art. Good luck to you

well done Jennifer --- a big step in the right direction.  Enjoy your art and when you feel like it - come share with us too. 

My motto this month is "practice makes better"....I have just celebrated one full year of drawing, coloring, and painting each day in some form or another.   As a (self proclaimed) mixed media artist,  I try to incorporate everything.   I am sure you are enjoying the process, as I am.

I am an artist who used to get in trouble for doodling in class. It took a long time (I am in ny senior years) for me to come back to it. My work is mostly abtract, without a theme. It's hard to name them most of the time. But I like the end product. It's kind of scary to put your work out there.  Everybody won't appreciate it. I encourage you to keep drawing and perfecting what you like to do.



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