I thought I would post this so that I can understand other artists in a different way. When I am creating, I like to listen to certain music....and I think it allows me to tap into aspects of the art that I wouldnt be able to do without that music. So this post is to share the music that I listen to while I create, and to get posts from people with what they listen to so that I can listen to their music to see what muse they use to create with, if any! The etymology of the word music comes from Muse after all! So, what do you like to listen to when you are creating? I would like to hear what inspires you! This is a small taste of what my creative muse sings to me....


I mostly listen to this lady, Snatam Kaur, a Sikh musician. She has some upbeat ones, some lower beat ones, but they are all mantras which tap into my thoughts and brings out my creative side. 

Love Rook xoxo

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That's nice music Rook. I use to listen to music all the time but lately not to much. If you go to Pandora.com, sign up (free) type in electronic for studying..............http://www.pandora.com/station/play/1172701659546773448               I think you will like it.

Being ADHD I prefer something loud and fast paced if I'm working in the house to drown out all the other mundane distractions inside. Music helps me focus.

Lately I've been listening to Spotify a lot - great way to discover new music! I bookmark a few playlists and work my way through them. I tend to gravitate towards indie music and am currently listening to a playlist of Icelandic Indie. There is some beautiful music coming of Iceland, very atmospheric!

i like that type of music you posted Rook! :o)

Personally, i look for music that is low on vocals and relaxing while i am painting. the group Enigma (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F9DxYhqmKw) is a good example of the stuff i like. i find songs reliant on strong lyrics are distracting while creating visually. i like anything that is light and soothing and helps me find my 'zen' zone while i am painting. :o)

Hi Rook ...i listen to cinematic orchestra ...or any classical or chill out based stuff also love gustavo santalallio(maybe spelt wrong) :-)

Hello Rock,

I always listen to music when i am painting,often it is classical - Faure- but can easily be folk or blues.For me the music is an important part of the creative experience. The music is as much part of the mood as the weather or my state of mind. The moment of creativity is a complex thing for me,it takes time to assemble itself and it sort of grows until ready. Very often i will change the music during painting. The range of music i might listen to is as varied as open as my creative spirit when i paint.

Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I play Christian DVD's, sometimes I have my TV tuned to a news channel or to certain programs. It all depends what I am going through at the time.

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