I have a set of 36 prismacolors Verithin. I've looked online for articles on techniques and other things, but really want a tutorial, I have some more colors that are the berol prismacolors that are really old also. I have no concept really of shading and techniques but have taken some school art classes in the past.

I think my focus is really on anything besides people, but I am defiantly interested in flowers,  and possibly animals.Hope this makes sense but anything helps.

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Hi Lexie, I bought Lee Hammonds 'Drawing in Colour Birds' book a while ago on the google play store, and she loves verithins, which I didn't have but a lot of the tutorials in that book are for verithins, I loved the tutorial which used verithins and velour paper, my attempt didn't work as well as I didn't have proper velour paper or verithins, lol. But this is a great book to use if you want some tutorials on verithins, otherwise I am sure there are lots of tutorials on youtube. All the best

Hi there. I can send you a cat step by step colored pencil tutorial book. Maybe you can practice on this and post it here for crtics and advise. Just email me.

It's all about building up layers. Don't push too hard or you won't be able to lay down more pigment on the paper. I use smooth Bristol paper, as a personal choice since I also mix in Prismacolor markers, but the vellum variety is also a nice choice.

How To Paint With Colored Pencils by Jose Maria Parramon is a seriously a great book for general colored pencil help. The book teaches how to blend with 3 colors to make 36. Seriously. There are also exercises in the back that show you how to use these colors in a final product. It's out of print but there are plenty of copies under 5 dollars.

Hi Lexie:

Colored pencil is a vast subject.  It's such a versatile medium, and there are many books with which to learn about them. One that I just bought and truly love is Alyona Nichelsen's "Colored Pencil Painting Bible".  She's not only a wonderful artist but she shares all her tricks for producing beautiful colored pencil "paintings" as she calls them.  Alyona does use Verithin pencils in some of her tutorials, but you better be sitting down when you see them.  AWESOME!!!

Having taught pencil drawing for many years, there are so many wonderful pencils, surfaces, and techniques to produce amazing artwork with these awesome little instruments.  Matching the pencil to the surface is very important because there are so many pencils and surfaces to choose from and the pencils react differently to different substrates.

Here are some of my favorite colored pencils and the surfaces that I love to use with them:

Carb Othello pastel pencils - suede mat board like for framing - (Crescent) - usually in a light color - cream, beige, light brown, etc. and Clairefontaine Pastelmat
Wax, oil, or clay-based pencils  - (Prismacolor Premier, Verithin and Col-Erase, or Faber-Castel Polychromos) - Strathmore 300 series vellum in the pad, Fabriano Artistico Aquarello 100% cotton, hot press watercolour paper in the pad (I particularly love this surface with the oil or wax based pencils using baby oil or odorless mineral spirits to blend colors), Dura-lar mylar (where you can work color on both sides of the surface - this surface, for me, produces the most vibrant color that is possible with colored pencil), and some sanded surfaces like Clairefontaine Pastelmat and hardware store sandpaper both 600 or 1000 grit.

Hope this info helps, but I must warn you.  Colored pencils are non toxic, easy to set up, very versatile, portable, beautiful, and...... EXTREMELY addictive.   But, oh so much fun. Cheers!!!

How are you coming along with your colored pencils? I absolutely love Prismacolor pencils. They are so smooth and creamy. A rule of thumb for colored pencil is, dark to light. And don't forget to purchase a blending pencil too. Get a couple. Your Verithins are for detail. They have a hard lead for making crisp edges and line lines. If your just starting out, stick to the basics - it is so easy to spend a fortune on supplies. Strathmore 300 series vellum in the pad is ideal for getting up and running. Have fun and just enjoy the experience.

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