Closed: "Twisted Fairy Tales : Snow White" - Swap Partner List & Gallery

The first twisted fairy tale: SNOW WHITE

Feel free to keep untrue to the story, change its characters, and adapt your own new variants. The more twist... the more fun you'll have :p
Any medium is acceptable, as long as it is done by hand :)

Should you feel stuck on what to twist, here are some simple general guidelines:
Change the subject: you feel that a dark, twisted setting would make the story more justice – you believe that jolly elves would have made the story more interesting!?
Change the point-of-view: make the secondary characters appear as if they are the main character – whilst the proper main characters serve only as the secondary character or backdrop (or a reminder of the story) in your work.
Change the theme by bringing it to our modern and contemporary times: give the characters modern day appearance, expressions, and attire – add a modern-day setting – dialogue from our pop-culture.
Add something of your own: new props, additional characters, and/or a different style
Change the endings: not all fairy tales originally had a happy ending
Make it your own interpretation

Let your imagination go wild and twist this tale into your own fantastical style. Feel free to use the internet; read the story; check other twisted artists and artworks... there is a lot out there from where you can get inspired!
Here are some links that might be useful:

Everyone is invited to create TWO ATCs or TWO POSTCARDS for this new version of Snow White.  Kindly note, that one might receive a different format for the swap than he/she has created; but this, should not be a problem. Will keep the thread open for signing in till Tuesday April 30th after which I will assign the partners :)
ATCs or POSTCARDS should be mailed out by Friday May 31st

Please leave your full Mailing Address or indicate if it is going to be a Private Address in the Reply Box. Thanks.

Sign-Up List and Addresses :)

1.  Kip Franks:
30 Mirage Place,
Sparks NV 89436

2. Maureen Craddock:
363 N. Wyoming Ave.  
N.Massapequa, N.Y. 11758  

3. Jen Osslow:
Private address please

4. Jennifer Kelecseny:
516 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Farrell, PA 16121

5. Marcia Campbell:
140 Bridge St.
Branchville, SC 29432

6. Beth Wall:
405 Alabama Highway 155
Jemison, AL 35085

7. Theresa Graeve:
9662 Corby St.
Omaha, NE 68134

8. Sharon Oppenheimer:
Apartado De Correos#13
Spain 29680

9. Anton Abela:
4, Censu Bugeja Street
Hamrun. HMR 1050

10. Skylar Tucker:
P.O. Box 391
Tyler, AL. 36785

11. Debbie Rippie:
301 S. Poplar
South Hutchinson, KS 67505

12. Amanda Webster:
29 Old Mount Hicks Road
Mount Hicks
Tasmania  7325

13. Ashley R. Parkes:
2371 22nd Avenue
Kingsburg, CA  93631

14. Helen Lindton:
415 Anderson Hill Road
Woodleigh 3945

15. Kim Stinson:
Private address please

Swap Partner List:
[ quick help:
for this swap, Kip Franks, for example, has to send 2 ATCs/Postcards: 1 to Debbie Rippie and the other to Ashley R. Parkes
please vide list of Addresses above :)  ]

Kip Franks:-----> Debbie Rippie - Ashley R. Parkes

Maureen Craddock:-----> Anton Abela - Helen Lindton

Jen Osslow:-----> Marcia Campbell - Theresa Grave

Jennifer Kelecseny:-----> Marcia Campbell - Debbie Rippie

Marcia Campbell:-----> Beth Wall - Sharon Oppenheimer

Beth Wall:-----> Jen Osslow - Skylar Tucker

Theresa Grave:-----> Sharon Oppenheimer - Amanda Webster

Sharon Oppenheimer:-----> Jennifer Kelecseny - Ashley R. Parkes

Anton Abela:-----> Jennifer Kelecseny - Amanda Webster

Skylar Tucker:-----> Anton Abela - Helen Lindton

Debbie Rippie:-----> Maureen Craddock - Skylar Tucker

Amanda Webster:-----> Kip Franks - Beth Wall

Ashley R. Parkes:-----> Jen Osslow - Theresa Grave

Helen Lindton:-----> Kip Franks - Maureen Craddock

Kim Stinson:-----> Maureen Craddock - Jen Osslow - Marcia Campbell - Anton Abela

Please Share and Post the ATC or Postcard that you have received from your Swap Partner, within this Thread :D

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Replies to This Discussion

Sign me up

Kip Franks

30 Mirage Place

Sparks NV 89436


So happy you are getting this going Anton , sign me up                                                                                            Maureen Craddock                                                                                                                                                     363 N. Wyoming ave.                                                                                                                                   N.massapequa, N.Y. 11758  U.S.A      

Sign me up...this does sound like fun. I can't wait to change the story!!!
Private address please

Been waiting for this....sign me up!

Jennifer Kelecseny

516 Pennsylvania Avenue

Farrell, PA 16121

Yay!   Been waiting on this, too!

Marcia Campbell

140 Bridge St.

Branchville, SC 29432


I wanna do it!! sign me up!!

Beth Wall

405 Alabama Highway 155

Jemison, AL 35085


sign me up please

Theresa Graeve

9662 Corby St

Omaha, NE 68134


This sounds like fun Anton, please sign me up. Thanks.

Sharon Oppenheimer

Apartado de correos#13


Spain 29680

So great to find such a twisted shared interest ...

btw... I'm in as well :p
Anton Abela
4, Censu Bugeja Street
Hamrun. HMR 1050

This is a great idea! 

Skylar Tucker

P.O. Box 391

Tyler, AL. 



received this notification today... just had to share with you:

it is not about Snow White, but in tune to the twisted theme... :)

Hey Anton, Great to start the day with a good laugh. Thanks for that and enjoy the rest of this glorious day. I hope the weather is as beautiful in Malta as it is here. x



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