Hi folks,

Which non sedimentary blues make for a good sky blue?

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I have to disagree with your comment about cerulean blue being non-transparent.  Perhaps it´s due to the extent that I water the color down, but I find it quite transparent and great for sky colors.

At times I feel the same about watercolor, but after taking lessons from an accomplished watercolorist I learned to let go and enjoy the color.  It does require taking pains and so after a few weeks of using watercolors I feel a need to break off and do something easier in acrylics. I did review your posted work and was impressed with both the portrait work and landscapes.  In fact, they were somewhat astonishing.  You must have given your work lots of time over lots of years?  I am three years into doing it full-time and have noticed the improvement that comes with dedication... so I trudge on :)

Hallo Mark.
wenn ich Sie richtig verstanden habe, so suchen Sie ein transparentes Blau für den Himmel. Hier in Nordeuropa ist Kobaltblau die dominierende Farbe und im Süden mehr Ultramarin. Das Original Kobalt ist opaque. Bei Schmincke gibt es den "Kobaltblauton" als Alternative. Coellinblau ist scharf und Pthalocyanin kalt.
Hello Mark.
if I have understood you correctly, you are looking for a transparent blue for the sky. Here in Northern Europe is cobalt blue is the dominant color and the south more ultramarine. The original cobalt is opaque. When there is the Schmincke "Kobaltblauton" as an alternative. Coellinblau is sharp and pthalocyanine cold.

I concur with Nikki. The liquid watercolors are true and very transparent without sedimentation.

Mark Bedwell said:

Hiya Nikki......Well so far I haven't received any replies at all......as far as I know. So it looks like it might be a case of suck-it-and-see. If like me, you're looking for a sky blue which doesn't leave rocks all over your painting, then you need a transparent watercolour. There are only two transparent blues.......cyanine, and phthalocyanine blue, which I've yet to try. I was told to try cerullian (I think that's how you spell it) blue, which is an opaque watercolour. But after a rudimentary test, I found that it still doesn't give the desired effect.

However, I've just discovered that Dr Marten's make liquid watercolours, which is something I never knew existed, so I'll be giving their blues a go. I also intend to give some blue ink a try...........I hope I find a blue which works sooner rather than later, because it's costing me a small fortune to find out what DOESN'T work.......pft!

P.S. Using proper watercolour paper/board makes a huge difference to the finish you get.

Nikki said:

Hi Mark. I'm waiting on reading your replies to this question. It's a fabulous question cause I was wondering the same thing lol. Flick me a msg when you get a response please my friend. X

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