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What's your favorite brand of colored pencils?  I've been using Prismacolors since high school and LOVE them, but I was recently given a set of Derwent Studio pencils, so it's been eye-opening to explore another brand.  The Derwent Studios are harder than the Prismas, so the colors don't seem to come out as dark, deep or vibrant, but I do like them for certain things - mainly abstract work, as opposed to realist stuff.

I've heard good things about the Faber Castell Polychromos but haven't tried them yet.

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"Can Prismacolor and other pencils be mixed in the same piece of work with satisfactory results?"

Hi Peter, they can be mixed in the same piece, and some artists do that because they prefer specific colors from different brands. The thing to be aware of is that if you use "student-quality" colored pencils (like Crayola), the colors will likely fade more quickly than the professional/artist-quality colored pencils (like Prismas or FC Polychromos), so you might get an uneven discoloration after awhile. It's similar to mixing student-quality paint and artist/pro-quality paint - it boosts the quality of the student paint but lessens the quality of the artist paint. But in general, it can be done!

Right now am using the FC Durer Watercolour pencils... found them quite versatile and handy... on the other hand the Stabilo Softcolors are effective for mixed media work, especially since they can be used over other media :)

Should really have a look at the Prismas and Polychromos :D

Have the same prob that some pencil colours either break too easily or their wood just snaps!!! Over here we do have some high humidity... so that might be it
Even though I use a "traditional" sharpener, at times I do have to resolve to sharpen them with a scalpel...

A few years ago I bought some prismacolors, FC's, and Derwents.  I feel they are all excellent for realism, abstract etc.  I unfortunately haven't really gotten used to them.  In terms of quality, all those  brands are excellent.  The prismas are wax based and do get a build up (or what is called bloom) but that can be remedied by removing some of the color.  The FC's are oil based and harder I find.  And the Derwent Artists  are the hardest of all.  They all have a large range of colors.  Sometimes having too many can be overwhelming, and sometimes I think it is best to start with a few of each brand to test them out before buying too many. haha as I have done.  I'm wondering if anyone uses them for loose drawing.  It seems from what I've discovered they are used more for building up layers, lots of blending and realism.  Hope my two cent's worth has been helpful.

I'm looking into buying myself a set of nice pencils for some drawings.  I love my painting, but I am finding in the colder weather, it's nice to sit inside near the heater and draw.  I have a (very old) set of Derwent Artist pencils, but they are all breaking and I have found they do not blend well and don't seem to go onto the paper well either.

I have been looking at Prismacolors but I am on a teeny, tiny budget and don't know if it is worth the cost :/  Same thing with markers, I would love to buy a set of Copics, but again, the cost is stopping me.  

Hi Thaneeya.... Prismacolor for sure... The Premiere for blocking, shading and blending, the Verithins for the detail work.

These pencils are great on Crescent and Illustration board.. they are really at their best on 140lb hot pressed watercolor paper.

I use a colorless blender pencil for all my blending.

I also use an electric eraser quite a lot in my work and these pencils handle the erasing (and blending) quite well.

My second brand of choice is the Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils.. they are very much akin to the Verithins..


Derwent artist I have found the best, the studio ones I find the wood isn't as good, not that I have shown much where I have used lots of colour, but I do believe the derwent artists are the top

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