How big is your working you squeeze all your art materials in a small corner or do you have a large working area where everything is to hand.

Is your work space in your lounge or bedroom or do you have an art studio.......Are you a messy worker or do you prefer a clean work area......


This is my art workstation.....It's quite small as I don't have a lot of room but is just perfect for me as everything is to hand ...

As I work mainly with copic markers I have divided them into separate colours so it's easy to find the colour I want to use.....I also have my inks to hand for when I do backgrounds and also my watercolours for when I'm working on a mixed media piece.....I have shelves for my paper and a light box for tracing my artwork onto heavier scale paper etc.....I really love my little work space and because it's in my lounge I really do have to keep it all tidy....I do have a small room at the back of my house which I could use as a studio but it's very cold in the Winter even with the wall heater I have in it,  so for now I am just happy to work in my warm lounge.....

Would love to hear about your work area so please feel free to tell us about it and add pics too if you want to.....

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Well Jane this is my little area which is part of an unused spare room. I am impressed how neat yours is but I have only been  drawing and painting for a few months  and have not really got a routine yet .

 Best Kathy

Oh wow Kathy....looks like a fab working space to me......I must admit I do have a cupboard that is full of art stuff as I couldn't fit everything that I have collected over the years in my matter how big or small long as you got room to work that's all that matters.......xx

My creative space runnith over....I have empty canvas and large paintings in my bedroom, my bathroom houses the projector, and my living room is divided into my painting space, material storage and the other non-essential living room furniture (TV and sofa). The material storage seems to be pushing the sofa over as it seems to have a life of its own. 

Hey Merrie......Thanx for landing is full of canvas's too but they belong to my daughter as she is studying art at college

Dining room tables make excellent work spaces......but glad to hear you can use the bedroom as a studio......xx

My workspace is in my kitchen corner looking out on our 12 heritage oak trees. I struggle keeping it from being so messy. My Yorkie, Theo, enjoys my corner too. I am so impressed with your neat space, CheekyJane!!! I have so many things I am always trying, acrylics, watercolor, doodle art, greeting cards, ATC's, etc. I'm a mess!

I love your little space Judie......and how wonderful being able to look out at the oak trees.......believe me mine does get messy

I got half of a room to myself so nr lol will upload some pics when I get some more cam bat david xx

Got a 16x12 ft shed out the back, it's big but I need something bigger. Painting and woodworking don't really like each other :-)

Hey David and Tom......sounds matter how big or long as you got space to work....thats all that counts....xx

I love this topic.  It's cool to see people's work spaces.  Mine is quite small, usually just me in a chair drawing on my lap!  I guess I could post a picture of my lap, but that would be weird.  :)

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