Ok, so the hubby bought a pad of Yupo paper for me to use with the Ranger inks I've been playing with. I would really like for a few of you to hold my hand and walk me through using them---lots of tips. I haven't felt successful at all with the inks and I love what I see others do with them. I've watched several of Holtz's videos but alas, still no bueno =(  HELP!!!

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I can't help you Stacy. I had trouble getting the hang of the inks, I ended up putting them away...lol

Thanks Pat. I'm sure there's someone out there that can help you and I both with these inks. Somebody? Anybody?????

Alisa  works with them. She blends them with rubbing alcohol. I tried it and doesn't work for me..lol


what the heck is a yupo? and what kinda ink r u using?..im not trying to be a smart tail but i really dont have a clue whatcha asking..one of the biggest comments i have been asked is how can i do my sharpies without it bleeding over...simple..ur using the wrong paper..art supplies i learned r wayyyyyy to overpriced and they just cant handle the absorbtion for detail as well as blending ink colors..believe it or not good ole cheap poster board and or computer cardstock handles it all the way..and the side of the poster board can give u 2 different results too..i know i usually get the deer in the headlight look until i show em..hehehehehe...but really stacy..what is a Yupo?

Hello Stacy, I love working on Yupo, ( a smooth paper surface,) I have used ink pens and water colour together and loved the final look, I will try to upload an image...........Aileen

That's beautiful! What I have are the Ranger inks and I know some people actually manage to "paint" with them using the Yupo paper since it doesn't absorb the liquids. I don't see how they control the ink spread after it is applied to the paper. MK, the way I understand it, Yupo paper is kinda like a high rag content vellum used for watercolor or inks that instead of absorbing the paint, allows the paint to be manipulated more since it takes longer to dry. I'm still in a learning stage of my life (still saying that at my age lol) and like to try everything I can until I find what I really like.

You talked me in to buying some Yupo paper Stacy, I just purchased it from Blick. lol

I love to use the Tombo Ink Pen with water colours. Your right Stacy in your description of the Yupo paper, it can be quite exciting to see results. Have fun Pat as you try out the Yupo paper. Here is another image:

I can't wait to try it Aileen. Everything I read on it everyone loves it. I just hope I get good results like you do...lol

Aileen McLeod said:

I love to use the Tombo Ink Pen with water colours. Your right Stacy in your description of the Yupo paper, it can be quite exciting to see results. Have fun Pat as you try out the Yupo paper. Here is another image:

WOW These are stunning! Can you give us some tips on how to use them both? Pretty please! =)

Thanks for your comment Stacy. Here is another more simpler image of painting on Yupo:

I use water colours and mix with a medium, not necessarily water, after marking out wth a fine pencil, paint in the rose with a pink tone and add some yellow tone to some of petals then a darker pinbk for centre etc., Only use the water colour medium to mix colours, After painting leaves, stems and bud paint some Blue into Back Ground adding some Yellow and Mauve, now while this is still wet place some Glad Wrap over the painting and lightly press down in certain areas ( in the Back Ground area, ) then lift the Glad Wrap up, do not slide it, and that is how the design appears in the background.

Now, with the Reddish Brown Ink Pen paint in the fine details ( don't use water or medium,) Use a Green ink Pen for leaf details and maybe a Red for some Rose details, and to form the water droplets.

Hope this helps..........!?

If I can be of more help just ask, I am an addicted art tutor....................................

Look up artists June Rollins and Karen Walker. They offer videos and classes.

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