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I had a fellow member of the art colony ask how I created my painting "the spark"  so I've decided to make a tutorial on how to make one like it!

These are some  the brushes that I used

I always get the colors ready  that I think I may use, and I always use golden fluid acrylics because the colors are so vibrant and the consistency is perfect for this style of painting.

I made a stencil of a shape that I like, and I've found a roll of mesh screen  (in my husbands work area shhhh don't tell him I took a little bit : ) then I cut them together so they are the same size. I've also used a primed canvas size 11x14 .I start the painting by bordering the canvas with red using the large filbert brush, and I do this pretty fast because I do not want the paint to dry . You could use a bit of retarder also but I chose not to on this one and just put the paint down very fast.

next I've added the color orange with the same dirty brush sometimes it helps the red and orange blend easily when you don't wash it.after these two colors I do wash my brush being extra careful to dry it well so that its not too wet.The next color that I've used is the bright yellow,making sure that I am still working fast so that the paint doesn't dry. as I added these I blended them together slightly   I then used my mop brush and went over the paint making tiny little x's with it to make the blending awesome looking.and then I added the turquoise and blended it also with the mop brush . Please be careful not to use too much of the last color it only takes a tiny amount to blend it in. the blending doesn't have to be perfect for this because you will be splattering paint all over the canvas and probably won't notice it anyways   Also please allow the paint to dry fully before moving to the next step.

after the background is dry I take my heart stencil and place it in the center of the painting .the canvas must be laid flat so that the paint doesn't slide around everywhere, and keep it this way until it is fully dry.next I use a dry flat brush and I only put the paint on the tip of the brush, if you are painting inside your house I would like to recommend going outside for this next  step , its very messy. If you cannot do that then put a sheet or a protective cover over your table , I learned the hard way and now I need a new table because mine is covered in tiny dots of paint.next I did a sort of chopping motion to fling the paint at the heart ( this is the fun part )this is very fun and its such a stress reliever for me. these next steps are up to you and your style and the colors that you use are also up to you but, when I was finished splattering the yellow I went on an repeated this step with all of the colors that I had set out earlier flat old brushes work the best I think, and I usually use a different brush for each color , don't put the brushes in the water until you are completely done , or you could make a watery mess on the paintingfor the next step I used a toothbrush

I use a sort of flicking motion with my thumb to get the paint to spray in tiny dots.now we can carefully remove the stencilnext I place my mesh screen where the stencil was and go to town adding white and yellow and turquoise wherever I thought it would look goodI also lift the mesh screen and paint it also then press it in to the design and it makes it pretty interesting, careful it can get very messynext I use a no 2 liner and randomly add white dots around the edges to make the image pop out a bit Also I added a few more splatters of turquoise  and voila a beautiful splattered heart painting .thank you for showing an interest in my methods, If you have any questions feel free to ask. all comments and criticism are welcome, and I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I've enjoyed showing you : ) 

Hope you have a totally awesome day!

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your welcome

Awesome Painting!!!!!! Love iiiit!

Chopping motion? :S 

lol I guess I imagined a chopping motion almost like  a chef with a large butcher knife chopping at some veggies or a cut of tough meat.
Amina Abdul Salam said:

Awesome Painting!!!!!! Love iiiit!

Chopping motion? :S 

Wow Thats so cool. Thanks!


Beautiful! Thanks very much for the tutorial!

This is great, Liz!!  You're a gifted artist and a natural teacher. The splattering and flicking looked like fun! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Thank you Thayeena , I really appreciate it. I guess the hardest part about it for me is  paying attention enough to recognize what I am doing. I've had several local galleries and studios ask me to teach art classes but I am afraid to teach adults so I have agreed to start with kids and work my way up to adults,maybe it'll be easier idk but its worth a try ! I get in my own way sometimes : )

this is sssooo cool!!! so after you take the screen off. You mentioned something about "flicking a toothbrush" now do you flick side to side or long end to long end (does that sound right?) lol. I am SSSOOO going to try this. From the orginal painting it looked like you left the screen on.

either way sometimes both ways with the toothbrush, and I didn't leave the screen on it but you could if you wanted : ) I just wanted the effect that the screen leaves behind, but its always open for your own interpretation Hope you enjoy making it as much as I do


This is wonderful... I can not wait to try this method....looks like so much fun and great stress reliever...all the while creating a beautiful painting

thank you 



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