I am stealing this question from Mixed Media Arts now :-). But it is a interesting topic

How did or do you find your specific style to paint?

I am still a beginner, so my style seems slowly to develop. But it is more that my style finds me, not the other way around. And I am trying myself out a lot.

I think my style is determined by my life experience, my emotions, the music I love, the different cultures I am exposed to through friends. It is not that I said, ok I want to do a certain style. But I always loved strong colours and bold paintings. I like also comic art and african paintings. Also pop art and well, many artists, not only abstract ones. But I don't warm up much to impressionists - in general. There are always exception to the rules :-).

So I think all this is influencing me on a sub-conscious level. And lately I see a certain pattern in my paintings evolving, which isn't intentionally. It just happens.

But I don't want to restrict myself, I want to try everything out which I feel connected to.

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It makes total sense to me. What I meant with style was not so much if you have a style compared to xy, I thought about the personal style. Like that you look at your picture and you can say, yes, this is typically me :-). It is good though to learn different styles from others to find out what inspires you. I can't even describe my "style" besides that everything I do looks very colorful and bold, but I think it is something there which is unique for me. This is what I meant. But I also look at different artists I dig and try out and at the end it flows all into what I do. I don't believe you create something new from scratch but more that all these influences melt together and then your own style is developing. The worst mistake you can make in my opinion is trying to look like someone else because first of all, we can only loose and second, it won't be you in the painting.

Sometimes I copy a painting for learning and it is fun, but I keep them in my map for myself :-). Because it is not really me. But if I like it, I may do something of my own and use what I learned to create. This is my way of improving myself.



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