I admire abstract art a lot and have tried to produce some pieces myself, but they were not very successful. I was using acrylics.


Does anyone have any tips or guidance for me?

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I'm curious what you mean when you say that the pieces you created were not very successful. Can you tell me more? What was your disappointment? I approach abstract art with an idea in mind, generally from something I've seen that I like. Then I set out with a goal of replicating the style of the piece I like with my own personal embellishments. The things I want to change or do differently. How did you start your abstract pieces? What was your goal?

I like Suzanne's response, and the questions she asked.


I also extract a lot of inspiration from other abstract artists whose work I admire.  In the beginning I really enjoyed Klee and Miro.  I did a few pieces inspired by their style, but with my own slant.  I've also always liked patterns, like Persian rugs, Indian embroidery, Mexican textiles, etc.  So that also influenced my work.


Painting in an abstract style can be a lot of fun when you give yourself permission to just play.  That's how I feel when I'm painting abstracts - like I'm playing.  It's totally stress-free.  No wonder I've done so many!

I wrote a tutorial for Art-is-fun.com about how to paint abstract art in acrylics - http://www.art-is-fun.com/how-to-paint-abstract-art.html  Maybe that can give you some ideas. Quite a few teachers have used that tutorial with their students with great success, and it was really fun to see what the students came up with. 

To answer Suzanne's questions - a goal just usually want to capture an idea or a feeling, but no real goal.


Thaneeya, I will go an check out the tutorial thank you.

Go with your FEELINGS - not with your sight.

Forget what you see, what you think you want to achieve at the end - just GO!

Often my best work has been acgieved by just going for it and how I feel, emotions at the time.

Thanks Georgia, that's an interesting response.

I also like abstract art and am struggling as well.  There are videos posted on Jerry's Artarama site that were helpful to me.  I think it's just basically something you have to feel out for yourself.  I learn something with each attempt, even if I don't care for the finished product.

One of my first abstracts was taken from a tiny few of something real. I took two "L"s from mats and made a small 2"x2" window and then laid on a photo of a shell. I moved around and got an interesting pattern. Try it!

That sounds like a great idea! I guess when we look at a picture as a whole, we dont notice lots of other little pictures within it!  Definately gonna try this! Such a simple idea but with huge posibilities!

Thank you for that!



There are many kinds of abstract art and I believe I've finally found the style I'd like to create.  It's all about color.  I love the work of the artist in this link and I found it very helpful to be able to watch him create a work.  Hope this is interesting to some of you too.  Have a great weekend!

Not sure I like this guys style personally. Its just "slap it on willy-nilly and see what happens" technique.

The end result is not for me either.

But thats the thing about art - particularly abstract, its very 'marmite' in nature. Love it - or hate it!

When editing video it's important to think about how you transition from one segment to the next.  I think that's what I find so exciting about his work, the way the one color transitions to the next - sometimes very quietly and sometimes quite abruptly.  It may appear to be just "slapped on" but I have to believe his wealth of experience guides his every stroke.  He understands how colors interact, but isn't afraid to try something different.  I admire his fearlessness.  I hope to be able to approach a canvas the same way someday.  His use of color literally takes my breathe away and I can get lost in his art.  We have a jewelry store near my home called, Charming Charlies, it's a chain so maybe you have one near you as well.  I sort of have the same exerience when I walk into that store - everything is coordinated by color - turquoise, fushia, purple, green, with an amazing combination of textures.  I get so inspired wandering around that place!  Check it out if there's one near you.

I've seen this guy before. Talk about "controlled splatter" but look at the end results! Wow! He knows what he's doing.



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