I admire abstract art a lot and have tried to produce some pieces myself, but they were not very successful. I was using acrylics.


Does anyone have any tips or guidance for me?

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I love the work of Jonas Gerard...have watched him several times .....he makes it look so easy and effortless.....but u need a strong sense of design and colour to achieve his style.....and you have to let yourself go.....Abstract art is basically about freeing oneself.....

Karyn Robinson said:



There are many kinds of abstract art and I believe I've finally found the style I'd like to create.  It's all about color.  I love the work of the artist in this link and I found it very helpful to be able to watch him create a work.  Hope this is interesting to some of you too.  Have a great weekend!

Thaneeya-do you just freehand on all of your detail work or do you draw it before painting?

Great discussion, everyone! :)


Laura, I freehand all of my abstract acrylic paintings.  I find it's easier that way, rather than trying to fill in predetermined lines.

Laura Thykeson said:

Thaneeya-do you just freehand on all of your detail work or do you draw it before painting?
That's awesome...they are all so uniform-you must have really steady hands....
Hey Susan, last night I messed around with water colors that were in a tube and I'm very pleased with the results.  They were really fun to work with.  You might want to give them a whirl.  It's nice to work on paper, too.  I had some frames laying around and I put them behind glass and they look great, (inho)!  The pictures are on my page if you wanna take a look.  WARNING...my style isn't for everyone, but it makes me happy and that's what counts!
I really liked Thaneeya's article on the Art is Fun website, regarding the appreciation of abstract art.  She explained how we must not seek to define everything with words, but rather just soak in the artistic experience.  So when I was painting "Bicycling", I decided to stop criticizing myself inside my head, and just work with the colors and shapes, and see where they go.  Not sure if I was successful with the painting or not, but at least I finished it with my self respect still intact!  :)

I just take it from my inside, what I am doing. Sometimes I have a "vision", not neccessarly a motive, but colours or forms and then I try to express it. Or I just start without knowing, I think about a certain emotion I have or listen to certain music and go from there. The third way is to draw a sketch and think about a color composition I would like. I try not to be ambitious and think of the outcome, if others would like it or not in order to be totally free. Whatever comes out is good, well, maybe only for myself, but I treat it all the same. So far I only gave up on one painting, it is done, but I don't like it at all. Still, I keep it.

I look at other paintings, but only to get inspiration. And for improving my technique, I take a regular painting-class, because I am not good in drawing and certainly need to learn a lot how to work with acrylic colors. And I read tutorials, to get some knowledge about compositions, etc. But at home I just do it the way I want it and I believe the rest will come :-).



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