Something is wrong... Usually I paint and draw all day long. Lately I just can't get into it. I don't know whats wrong. I feel like something is missing or maybe I'm trying to hard. I don't know what it is. Has anyone run into this problem before?

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Yes!  I am right now actually.  I know I'm a perfectionist and I think that prevents me from just letting things flow. 

artist block you say?  I'm sure it happens to everyone.  I just do something else for a while until I feel moved to be creative....sometimes it takes a long time.  Also, you could practice various techniques, without trying to make anything in will eventually pass.  Kind of like ebb and flow.

Artists have blocks just as writers do...we all go in cycles, sometimes full on and sometimes off, but just don't push yourself-look around maybe for something new to try, maybe you got a bit bored like I do sometimes and I just need to shake things up...Roam around the internet and look at other artists work but most of all, don't be hard on will come back and probably be even better than before!

I agree with what everyone else has said. I think of these periods as a time for everything inside to incubate a bit. When I finally get back to creating, I find I've grown as an artist during the break without even trying, and gained skill I didn't have before.

Use this opportunity to explore the world around you a bit and look at other art styles. Have a notebook with you, but don't try to force it. Sometimes just mindlessly doodling helps you to sort things out. Try a new style or a new medium, and see it as exploring.  You could also try taking your supplies and working in a new location, like if you usually work at a desk, try the kitchen table, or sketch at a coffee shop or do simple watercolors on a hill out in the sun.

Just give it time and don't try to force it. Trying to force it just makes it worse, I find. Just let this time be what it will be, and it'll come back to you when you're ready.

Well heres hoping I gain skill. I've been thinking about quiting. But yes, you're right different spot different medium.maybe thats it. I just feel so ...I don't even know the words. I did this last night and i seemed to have to force it. it's alright I guess but its not me and not my real style. I'm all swirls a crazy shapes and curls.


I am in the same position right now. So I decided to do a kitchen upgrade in paintable wallpaper in a tin tile pattern and am painting it metallic gold. While I am doing this I am thinking and getting some fresh ideas for paintings and in the meantime I am getting a new look in the kitchen!

Don't quit! Just do something else for a while and let it stew around inside your soul. Right now, your normal style doesn't really want to come out, so it feels forced. What you created last night might not be in your normal style, but it has merit all on its own, and you might find what you create during this time is trying to teach you something.

I like Sylvia's idea. It's still creativity and action, it's just a kind of refocused creativity for a bit to give the muse a break.

Hannah, have you ever heard of Floras Bowleys "True Bloom" E-course???

Try checking it out, I am attending it in September for 5 weeks, and it is about, letting go, being bold and unfold the true you and what YOU have inside, as an artist.......

I think perhaps, you need to explore whats REALLY you and not think so much at the product, but the process and what feelings it gives you??

Just a bit of an advice :))

Do not know if you heard about it, but I think it sounds great and something I could use :))

Lone from Denmark..... :)

When I am stucked, I do something which is fun and easy for me. Or I practice drawing lessons. Or I just forget about it for a while :-). I think, the worst is to put yourself under pressure to be creative. Personally I keep in mind that not everything needs to be deep and meaningful. This here is one of the styles I have fun with, it is easy to do and helps my mind relax.

You can't say it isn't you because you did it :-). I think it is not bad at all, it shows how you feel with the dark colors, holding something back. It is you, but you are not accepting it at the moment. It is always a little struggle. Sometimes I am really fighting my paintings and saying the same thing. Either you put it in the corner or you go over it again until it feels again that it is you.

Hannah English Maden said:

Well heres hoping I gain skill. I've been thinking about quiting. But yes, you're right different spot different medium.maybe thats it. I just feel so ...I don't even know the words. I did this last night and i seemed to have to force it. it's alright I guess but its not me and not my real style. I'm all swirls a crazy shapes and curls.

Absolutely.  I am a very beginner artist at 55 years young.  Discovered a hidden, tho rather under developed, talent(s) when I quit a 30 year career as a legal assistant . . . burnt out . . . Some of the things I have created are amazing to me in that it was quite like an out-of-body experience . . . and looking at one or another later in time I wonder where I got the inspiration to pull it off.  Especially during a three-month down time where I cannot EVEN find it . . . a bit (okay alot) of depression (tho that has created some interesting stuff too), an absence of support or recognition (I am beyond crazy happy to have discovered this site and the art-is-fun and, an extremely hot summer (Arizona), and an adequate space condusive to flourishing, creating, selling, organizing . . . I have been since I began three years ago living with an S.O.(B) and using a spare bedroom with a twin bed, a fairly good light, a wood chopping boad to draw/paint/etc. on and supplies surrounding me and my crampedness (sitting Indian style on bed) . . . but I would just get soooooo into a piece and get lost for hours/days . . . I have lost the momentum . . . the intense desire to create . . . but I know I will definitely find it, ESPECIALLY since discovering this wonderful, fabulous place/community. . . keep me posted please Hannah . . . and know you are surrounded by this positive creative community/people like you.  Its because of our depth and multi-dimensional spirits as artists that our "flow" or lack thereof can be more profound and/or troubling than, let's say, if you were  . . . a lawyer (God help them - JK : )) or a butcher or a politician . . . I discovered this "Colony" about a four days ago and for the first time in three months I took out my portfolio and have scattered pieces all over the room so I could take pics to upload . . . I'm feelin the flow!  You betcha ; )

Thanks for this interesting post. I don't think it happens all the time to get totally lost in a flow, that is ok. Sometimes I dabble a little here and there. sometimes I just get totally into it. But there are limits anyway, because depending what you do it takes time to dry :-). As long as the desire is there to create, it is good. And I found out if I try too hard, it is never going to work. I have to listen to this inner voice and funny, it does help me in other aspects in my life too because I am starting to take my inner voice more seriously.



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