This is my first ever abstract  , after being confused as to what to paint,I was tweaked by a friend who suggested I should try an abstract ,I gladly obliged.

My first attempt left me confused , frustrated and annoyed at my seemingly lack of creativity. I repainted the canvas and turned it into my Jumpled Elephant painting.

A new canvas and with a fresh mind , I thought of nothing but how I was feeling , I mixed up colors with my hands and used my fingers instead of brushes , I splattered gold paint on and smiled at the formation as the blobs landed on the canvas.

I noticed all my paintings seem to be born with the same colors , this is fine by me and represents my inner feelings.

I finished the painting and firstly sent it to my friend awaiting their critique............I felt confident they would like it , enjoying the feeling of anticipation and waiting . I was right ............thanks for the tweak!!

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love it - :>)

There is a magic in expressive abstract art,it can only be what it is,it nearly always represents the artist and their feelings at the time of painting, As a medium it is used in therapy of many kinds  because it allows an interpretation of the inner  self through composition and colour choices. Your first work is in my opinion a strong and bold creation,it explodes with the excitement and exploration of new parenthood or first love. I look forward to the development of your works in future.

Thanks again Stephen

It is always lovely to hear someones opinion , it makes me see the painting in a different light , however I am pleased with your description and I humbly agree with you..................

Lovely painting, Karen! You're right, there's nothing wrong with picking the same colours over and over again, for some reason those are the colours which resonate with your soul the least that's how it works for me. Sometimes I force myself to use other colours than my regular blue-pink-purple and that's okay, to step out of my comfort zone...but I always automatically return to my 'signature colours'...:-) Have fun exploring your abstract side!

Hello Desiree

Thank you for taking time to comment.....:)

Yes I agree ....about signature colours.

I think I may go against the grain next time and use colours I would not normally use and see what happens !!



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