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hi just finished this one!!! abstract butterflies....was fun making these !! wat do you think?

It's very pretty Shweta!  Wow, I never would have seen the butterflies if you hadn't mentioned it. It's very fun and whimsical. I like your flowing lines and intricate details.
Nice composition, Grace! I like the fluid lines of your shapes. Lol about the title being bigger than the piece.  I used to name my pieces by thinking of a common word, like 'harmony' or 'spirit' or 'happy' and going to and finding the coolest synonyms and combining them to form my titles.

Hi Grace could you also post this in the thread for the July theme? I would love others outside the abstract group to see your lovely piece too.

Grace L. Sanford said:

I made this piece for the July theme of MUSIC, so I titled it "Light Jazz." It's done on 140 lb. coldpress watercolor paper, 9 X 12 inches, with a Pigma Micron 01 black ink pen and various colored pencils. It's supposed to be about jazzy sound vibrations.

Looks beautiful, Grace!  I love the detail, with all the colors and designs emanating from the center and radiating outwards.  It definitely gives me the sense of sound vibrations.  The colors you chose are very harmonious.  I like it!


I do know the feeling of being underwhelmed with a piece though - that's happened to me on many occasions, including times when I was not happy with my color choices.  In those cases I would try to examine exactly what I did not like, to make sure I don't repeat it, and also to clarify to myself what I think would have looked better.


If you have a scanner, you could try scanning your ink drawing before you add color, so that way you can start over again if you need to by printing out your scan onto nice paper (watercolor paper, drawing paper, or even regular printer paper or card stock).  I've done that with some of my pieces "just in case" because it's way easier than re-creating the original ink drawing from scratch.


Anyway I am delighted to see your piece, and I see that you've also uploaded it to the Monthly Theme thread which is great!  I'm still working on my piece but hope to have it finished soon.


Maybe try some more shades. It seems all one shade and you need to make something to make it pop. Maybe the background darker or vise versa. Give that a try with the scanner if you can.It really is good though, I do get a feel of vibration, but I am with you on it needs something more, been there done that, as we all have as artists. Try setting it aside for a while and come back to it, that works for me a lot.
This was my first abstract art (acrylic on canvas)- I called it Windows of life- the description is as follows- "We go through so many facets of life, life itself is a turmoil (depicted by the fire on top left) and the mazes of corporate world. But life also has a greener side where there is nature and its beauty which has a window pure and white leading us to the path of love and devotion so that we can meet the divine source and attain nirvana"
That's very nice, Parthasarathi!  Very impressive for your first abstract painting. I like the composition and the colors you used.  It's great to read your description and gain insight into what you were thinking when you created this piece.  Thanks so much for sharing!

I love your "found abstract", Grace, and I think that calling them "found abstracts" is a great way to describe them!

It's so creative how you drew this abstract from something so commonplace.  Your drawing reminds me of something futuristic and space age-y. The composition is beautiful and well-balanced.  I'll never see computer towers the same way again!

Very cool!

Grace, I love this on so many levels!  First of all, it's just beautiful to look at.  It draws me in and makes me just want to sit and look at it.  Second, as Thaneeya said, it is so well-balanced and pleasing to the eye.  And the inspiration and creativity behind it just blows me away.  Thank you so much for sharing your creative process.  I am looking at the world around me in a new way!  To me (forgive me as I wax philosophical) that is the best of what art can be.  To make you see beauty in the ordinary or the beauty that lies just beyond what we can "see".  This is just great.  Love it, love it, love it.  I think "found abstracts" would be a terrific theme for the abstracts group here at the Art Colony.  Wouldn't it be fun to see what others might come up with?  What an exciting idea....and fun!

Starr - I agree, "found abstracts" would be a GREAT theme for the abstracts group!  Thanks so much for the suggestion.  I'll make it the theme for August, and in the meantime I've started a new thread asking for ideas for future abstract group themes:

Thanks for the inspiration!



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