If you've painted or drawn a mandala, let's see it!  I'll start by posting mine below.

If you're wondering, "What is a mandala?" hop on over to my Art-is-fun page about mandalas, including a tutorial on how to draw one:  http://www.art-is-fun.com/how-to-draw-a-mandala.html

Chances are you've probably been doodling them for years and not realizing that they have a name. :)

If you've never made abstract art before, or don't know where to begin, mandalas are a fun and easy way to start making abstract art.

Can't wait to see what you've created!  Please be sure to tell us a bit about your mandala, such as what materials you used, what inspired it, etc.

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4" x 4" Acrylic painting on canvas, inspired by the heat and sizzle of summer!

You might recognize the mandala painting above as the default profile pic on the Art Colony! ;)


6" x 6" Acrylic painting on wood panel, inspired by the patterns and rhythms of tribal folk art designs


8" x 8" Acrylic painting on canvas, inspired by stars and ice

Comments & feedback welcome!

I have been told be a couple of people that these are actually "zendala's" instead of "mandala's", but all I know is I had fun drawing them-whatever they are called, lol!

Those are so awesome, Laura! Thank you for posting them. So full of energy and color and a variety of patterns.  Very fun.  I can see why you would enjoy drawing these!  :)

I think they are called 'mandalas' when they originate from the center and emanate outwards, and 'zendalas' when they either start from anywhere or have no real 'center'.  I think mandalas are generally symmetrical whereas zendalas are more free-flowing.

Both types are lovely, and I like having zendalas in this thread too!

Thanks Thaneeya! They were really relaxing to make, I know that! I believe you are right about the terminology of the different styles...
Gorgeous mandalas, Grace!  I once again admire your versatility with different mediums.  The patterns and colors are mesmerizing.  The black and white one really jumps out at me because of all the detail.  To me the center part seems to recede into the distance which makes me feel like I can enter into the space.  Wonderful!

I've been doing some pen stroke 'textured' ones...

Those are nice, Lin!  They are full of energy.  They feel very flowing and free.


I love seeing all the different styles of mandalas in this thread!  Very fun to see all these different interpretations of the same concept. :)

I have found that I am enjoying making mandalas and coloring them, it seems to relax me and keep me from worrying about stuff! This was made with compass, Inktense Pencils and some Prismacolor pencils too.Pitt Pens for the doodles

Your mandala is beautiful, Ruth!  I love the colors and the details.  It's very eye-catching. It's nice to hear how relaxing it is for you to make and color mandalas.  I get a sense of piece just from looking at this!

Prismacolor on bristol vellum.  Did this for a friend who loves green and has a strong spiritual belief system.

The pink one below was my very first...not my favorite.  I call it Gracie's princess star.  It hangs in her bedroom...because every princess needs her very own star.  She was around 3 when I made this for her.

Lovely mandalas, Marsha!  I like the different color choices you made for each mandala.  I really like your pink one - the designs are very flowing. It's amazing for a first effort!  I can totally see this in a little girl's room.

The Owl.

i enjoy making arts out of mandala designs (see my artwork). now, i created my simple version of mandala.. i played with lines and curves :))



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