If you've painted or drawn a mandala, let's see it!  I'll start by posting mine below.

If you're wondering, "What is a mandala?" hop on over to my Art-is-fun page about mandalas, including a tutorial on how to draw one:  http://www.art-is-fun.com/how-to-draw-a-mandala.html

Chances are you've probably been doodling them for years and not realizing that they have a name. :)

If you've never made abstract art before, or don't know where to begin, mandalas are a fun and easy way to start making abstract art.

Can't wait to see what you've created!  Please be sure to tell us a bit about your mandala, such as what materials you used, what inspired it, etc.

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Your mandala is beautiful.....full of energy

Laura Thykeson said:

I have been told be a couple of people that these are actually "zendala's" instead of "mandala's", but all I know is I had fun drawing them-whatever they are called, lol!

 awesome  :)

Grace L. Sanford said:

6" square, black pen and colored markers, inspired by love of random decisions in design

 :) Awesome... the intricate pattern is so intriguing!!
Grace L. Sanford said:

11" (?), black pen, again I just love to draw and fill space symetrically and it inspires me to do it, though i have to remember to stop somewhere

Mandala inspired by Indian tradition of Rangoli which involves drawing patterns on the floor with rice flour


Thank you so much-I appreciate your compliments!!

Amrita Sharma said:

Your mandala is beautiful.....full of energy

Laura Thykeson said:

I have been told be a couple of people that these are actually "zendala's" instead of "mandala's", but all I know is I had fun drawing them-whatever they are called, lol!

I just love all these Manadala's. Id like to see a group titled " Manadala/Zentangle. Seems there are alot of us in here that do both, alot

Here ya go.....this one is posted with my art.  Created this on May 5-2012

These are all so beautiful!!!!!  I am completely new in drawing these mandalas.  Could someone please get me started?   Do you use gessoed canvas, what type of pens do you use for the drawing, do you paint using acrylics or colored pencils, and finally do you varnished over finished project?  Sorry so many questions, but I so want to do this, so anyone want to get me started.  Thanks  , Vicki



Hi Vicki,

I have a step-by-step tutorial on Art-is-fun.com about how to draw your own mandalas.  That might help get you started: http://www.art-is-fun.com/how-to-draw-a-mandala.html

There are so many different media you can use, so each artist will have a different answer to your questions.  I mainly use pencil to draw the mandalas, and then color them in with any or all of the following: colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and/or watercolors.

I have done some mandalas in acrylics before, too, on gessoed canvas and also on gessoed wood.  I varnished the pieces when I was finished. 

My fave pens to use are Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens because I like the bright colors and the fine points of the pens.

Hope that helps!

Grace L. Sanford said:

9", watercolor, inspired by seeing and sketching the overlapping 6 point petal design I saw in someone else's art.
Love the circular movement here, and the colors used remind me of a tropical climate (so inviting)!

I have enjoyed creating mandalas for many "moons". . . the two pieces attached took approximately 2 hours each free hand using first pencil and then Sharpie or Bic colored pens.  They are very meditative to create . . . gets your head outta whatever it autta be out of . . . with some good music and a peaceful space.

Beautiful!!!!! It's relaxing just looking at it.  Hard to pull away!
Ruth Feria said:

I have found that I am enjoying making mandalas and coloring them, it seems to relax me and keep me from worrying about stuff! This was made with compass, Inktense Pencils and some Prismacolor pencils too.Pitt Pens for the doodles



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