Please use this discussion to ask or discuss acrylic paints only. What brands do you like best? Beginners what are your questions regarding acrylic paints...
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You defiantly get what you pay for, saying that, I can not afford to buy artist quality but find Windsor and Newtons Galeria student quality pretty good, I like the consistently.

I try to mix colours from a limited pallet, it has an added benefit of not needing to buy a range of colours. I can also wear out a load of brushes very quickly so I buy a stash of hogs hair brushes for paintings I play at and keep good brushes only for commissions.       

Robert, since learning to use a limited palette, there is a lot of colours that I will not be replacing when my current supply runs out.

i use M. Graham paints because that is what i started with (after i got over using a cheap student grade set... please don't go there!) and i like them. I have some Golden Heavy Body too and i like them as well but they tend to be a little more expensive... so i buy them when the Graham paints are not available. M. Graham paints don't seem to be available as widely as the Golden paints around here.

Those Golden Open acrylics sure look tempting... anyone try them yet? They are supposed to have a longer drying time. I will have to put them on my Christmas wish list ;o)

In the past I used Grumbacher and was happy with that. Now I am slowly replacing my El Cheapo Daler and Rowney tubes (the ones you get at Wal*Mart...probably not even Student Grade) with Winsor & Newton Galeria and Grumbacher Artist's acrylics when I can afford to.

Robert Sapsford said:

I try to mix colours from a limited pallet, it has an added benefit of not needing to buy a range of colours. I can also wear out a load of brushes very quickly so I buy a stash of hogs hair brushes for paintings I play at and keep good brushes only for commissions.       

I use Maimeri (Italian brand). I am an agent for them, so I get discount. :-D I have to say, that as far as acrylics go, I have tried several different brands. I love Maimeri's artist range, but the student version is a bit too transparent and not full bodied enough for me (but then, that could just be because I am used to oil paint). We have Golden Acrylics available in South Africa, but it's very expensive and since I haven't figured out how to prevent wastage with the medium, I don't like paying that much for a tube of paint. The more I move towards using acrylics in a professional sense, the more I realise I will have to buy the better quality paints, though.

Daler and Rowney System3 acrylics are student grade. The older style tubes broke a lot though. I had quite a few caps snap off just by opening them! The newer caps are much nicer. Saw them in the store but still mad at the older style. As for paint consistency...yeah some colors are good while some aren't. Mixing colors together seems to fix a few issues though. They are great for learning if someone doesn't want to drop a fortune on the more professional paints. The lightfastness of these paints are iffy so don't put your work in direct sunlight for long periods of time!

I used Liquitex in high school. Not sure if it was the student grade version* or not but it had a weird plastic-y consistency that I didn't like when it was half dry on the pallet. They worked well before hitting that drying stage though. Wonderful color vibrancy too. Also great to learn with. I should get some more sometime. **Okay it was the professional variety. It still dries oddly. I think it's meant to dry like that after reading up on the website. Flexible when dry.

Golden, well I only have experience with Titanium White as I replaced my System3 Titanium White with it. Mixing the two brands actually worked well, despite one being student grade and the other not. I bought a full mixing set plus Yellow Ochre last week to play with though so maybe this will be updated in the future. Otherwise that buttery consistency from the tube is absolutely heaven. The price is really the only downfall.

I have some friends coming around this weekend who want to begin painting so I will give them some tips and show them some basics, but I will be painting with acrylic. I will tell them the benefits of acrylic are that they are user friendly in that they don't smell, easier to clean up, quick drying and they can adapt them to the style they want. I will be painting impasto so that they can see their own painting in an oil painting style which for most people seems to be the way they think 'Artists' paint. 

I did this a few months ago and it works well because you can move on with the lesson without waiting for stuff to dry as you would with say wet on dry water colour or layered oils. And they can take their paintings with them without waiting for them to dry.




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