Here is where you can show off your Altered Book pages and spreads! Let us all see your Altered Book artwork!

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These are all pages from an Altered Book I have been working on that I named "Faded Blossoms". I am just using permanent markers, watercolors, watercolor crayons and some acrylic paint on some pages. I am also doing "altered text" on all of the pages of every Altered Book that I am working on.
Laura, these are fantastic! Isn't that "altered text" fun to do? Good for you, Dear girl!

Thanks Mary, dear!


It's really fun to see these, Laura!  Does the original book have any special meaning to you or did you choose it at random to be your Altered Book?


I can imagine how liberating it must have felt to draw and paint these pages!

I just chose it at random from some old books I had laying around the house that I had already read and wouldn't read a second time..."Faded Blossoms" is the name I gave the book when I decided to alter it-because I knew I was going to mainly just do swirly doodles and silly flowers in it because they are so relaxing. The "altered text" was just an extra element I have begun doing in most of my books I am working on. I also used watercolor paper and recovered it and put the new name on the front cover. I have another one called "Altered Feelings" that I am doing with my own poetry along with the artwork...


More altered book pages....

Laura, this made me remember a little book I've been working on (off and on, obviously!). I just sat down and did another two pages in it! Here is a photo of the first page. The title of the book is "Happiness." It's very old, about 4X6 and that old paper just loves watercolors! (This I just discovered this morning, however, so these photos don't prove that.) Anyway, you have inspired me to try many things, and this is just one of them!

I have stopped writing in it, however; it seemed appropriate to "introduce" the project here. The found poetry is fun and challenging, and that is how I want it to continue. I'm much more of an abstract artist than you are, Laura, but maybe I will "venture out" and add some flowers here and there!

It is a beautiful page Mary, you do such a neat job with your patterns I am envious, and although our styles may differ, our desire to create is equally as strong-don't you think??

YAH, BABY!! Thanks so much for all your encouragement.

Just "having you back" for this little chat has improved my mood tremendously! It's dark and raining here this morning, and you are like the sunshine I crave. XO

Oh my...I blush....
You're not blushing! You've just got a little touch of sunburn...
I porbably have heat rash from this Gawd awful summer we are having...



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