Bumping this up a bit- I get a lot of inspiration from other's pages, so here are two of mine, so please post yours!

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Hi to all,

I am new to altered books/art journaling and I love it.  I want to collage in my books more, but haven't organized my materials, so it's hard to put something together.

Anyway, if I want to paint on the pages first what type of paint would I use?  I tested pages with acrylic art paint, acrylic craft paint, and gesso.  I don't like how it feels under my markers.  I love markers.  And how do you get the vintage look?  Is there a cheap version?  I was thinking about a thick glass of tea and a paint brush.  When using photos do you use the actual print or a paper printed version from the computer, or either and does it matter?  The wolves look like a photo, but it also looks like it's painted on. 

I'm going to use odd items to make book covers (like a board game board) and I'm into all kinds of paper (grocery bags, old scrap book paper, sketch books, but then I found canvas paper.  I like that a lot.  It's a kids painting book.  What else do people use? 

I carry around a couple altered books (my apologies to the author of What They Didn't Teach You At Harvard Business School...lol) and since I carry them around I'm not going to make them collages (as such), but I do like to cut out pictures from catalogs; jewelry, dishes, etc. paste them in the altered book then decorate around them with markers.

I'm glad I found out about this art form.  It's very tactile and I love to 'feel' things.


Wow!  I really love the 'Inchy' and 'Twinchy'!  They would make doodling a little less conspicuous than a larger altered book.

The faces are very nice.


Maria Ximena Silva said:

I love it!!! 
Susanne Skene said

A few weeks back I was involved in a private art swap with TAC member Rita Melgert.  When I received my atc's from Rita I was thrilled and after looking over her beautiful collaged card and mixed media atc's I was about to put it all away when suddenly a very small bundle came out of hiding.  It was an inchie journal made from all kinds of leftover ephemera Rita had put together in this book.  I was thrilled!  I already carry around me at all times a twinchie journal (2"X2") that I take out when I am in coffee shops or restaurants and where I draw patrons or anything else that catches my eye.  Now I had something even smaller to test my drawing skills and I always love a new challenge.  The 1"X1" journal Rita gave me I have called FACES.  And I will draw either faces or parts of faces in this particular journal.  Because of the very small ground though I find that I've had to be a little more intense while viewing my subject which has caused on occasion for a few people to squirm.  It's funny how people freeze when they know they are being observed by a kooky artist LOL!  But my wee journal is about FACES so I'm going to have to look once or twice at someone and try and get some kind of expressionistic portrait down on this little page before my subject makes a run for it. Here's a couple of entries and a look at my little journal from Rita.

Not seen this entry before, it's soooooo sweet, so neatly finished, just so cute
Looks like my internet was kookie when I sent you a reply (eventually) not checked out this link for a while, tsk tsk.
My beautiful coffee cup journal is kept very safe and is about feelings, good and bad, I have reflected on them and sometimes had quite a giggle.
The little cute one lives in my pencil case and is invaluable, I keep pass codes and e.mails etc in it and would b so lost without it.

Margaret Hamm (Maggie) said: I THINK I have been art Journaling before I understood what it was,

for me I kept mine private because it was more like a diary to me with just plain , simple drawings , notes

and other little things like pratices on noses , and eyes, I kept mine through the years and have them put up.

I guess if something happens to me, my kids will see them for the first time, and say wow, what was mama thinking? haha

These are nice, but I think more of a journal for pictures of something you might paint, colors you find you like, sketches, etc.  These, except for the ones who paint on them are more like altered art to me.  I might find inspiration to do something like this sometimes, but not exactly what I want in a journal, or not all of this type only..  I hope I am not offending anyone and am explaining what I want without stepping on toes. 

We are also still having a lot of rain. And, I am still trying to pack with trips to doctors and 3 to the hospital alone this month.  Still haven't found a place to move and it is getting urgent.  Long story, besides the place is making my health worse.  I rent from HUD and figure the place will be condemned when they come out Thursday to inspect.  I don't think they will give me much time.  My worker said, I want you out of there yesterday.  When they say move you have to move whether you have a place or not.  Needless to say, I am not getting anything painted.  It is all packed. I have not family here as I am not from here and it is hard with health problems.  I can't do much at a time.

hi friends.

i am so sick, i have cancer and i am recovering from pneumonia and brain surgery - un-related, unbelievable!

anyway, i love to do art and in particular, aj and mm also faces/dolls, i am going to look at your website. i like the sound of memory boxes and i have some gorgeous vintage papers too. i hope i too can create some! i don 't know why i to;d you i am sick - i guess it is such a big part of me since i am going through chemo right now. yich but i am trying to keep positive.

 cheers to you fom oz and love and light too


here are my two most recent ones...my mermaid could use some work, but there she is in all her glory, lol...

I have some others I may post later

Here is one other recent double page spread

These are the majority of the most recent journal pages I have done..I don''t do much actual writing on my journal pages....

I just posted some of my pages under "Guess Who" if you would like to see them...



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