On rare occasion I am privileged to do a private swap with a member here at TAC.  I have swapped journal pages now in private trades with Maureen Craddock and Riya Melgert.  Recently, I received this beautiful journal page from Riya and on the back she has explained her process in detail.  

It's a lovely page called, "You Are What You Think." Of course when I saw it the interpretation was different and at first glance of the images, I thought it was about embracing or dancing with your inner child. It's just lovely and I will be adding it to my growing collection of journal pages from around the world. Thank you Riya!  

I finished my journal page for Riya yesterday and will be sending it off shortly. I will post my page here once she receives it.

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I have had the honor of swapping with all 3 of you, and each piece is most precious to me!! There are several beautiful pieces by Riya an the other two, and I am getting ready to make frames for all and hang them in both my studio and in my kitchen...i will share pics when done...i had just been thinking about visiting you all and just look!!! Here I am, lol!! Xoxoxoxoxo

Very nice Ryia, as always your art is beautiful.  I also have pieces from all of you on my board in my craft room.  I have not been on here for quite some time and I miss it.

Hi Susanne and everyone! I would love to do a journal page for your collection...Any certain theme, or open to my choice?? Let me know and I will get you fixed up.

Also I just had a thought...what about having some sort of party/swap for the old timers of the site?? I have been a member since the site went live, I think :S.. I'll leave the details up to you (he, he..!!!!)...keep me posted !!
Very nice Riya, I particularly like the colourful background. I really want to get better at this kind of art, it seems to me I need to loosen it up a bit, maybe stop putting stuff in the bin

as you can see, am having trouble with illumination0\reflection, don't normally have this problem in normal daylight.  the colours in question are prismacolours (with bender) maybe its the wax? the paint and pen is having no problem, only the coloured pencil, anyhow, its a start

  hey I know I can be shy but that's beyond a joke!

My problem is the photography of this piece, if anyone has any suggestions?
It has took me a bit to do this journal, as it's about me, my last journal was my college one as that was how I wanted to display my art because I so love the randomness of it.
I think you may be right about the Prismas and this medium is just not bold enough for journalling

well, I for one and glad to see that you came to visit! Kinda like going to visit some old friends, isn't it!
Debbie Rippie said:

Very nice Ryia, as always your art is beautiful.  I also have pieces from all of you on my board in my craft room.  I have not been on here for quite some time and I miss it.

I love it Susanne! You always do such great, and unique work..I can usually tell by the style if it is one of your pieces...

Susanne Skene said:

Today, I'm going to post the journal page I sent to Riya a few weeks ago. It was our first, of what I hope to be, many journal page swaps!  Currently, I am making another journal page for a member of TAC that is a little under the weather. I think journal pages are even better than a Get Well card because the imprint of the artist is clearly seen on the page - a beautiful personal bit of the person themselves. 

This journal is called, "Dare to Dream," and Riya felt it was a good reminder for herself. I think it's a good reminder for all of us!

I have taught art journaling, another class about dealing with different emotions, both good and bad, as well as one called "Discovering Myself", where art and creative writing are combined...they were all a blast.....wonder if anyone would be interested in an actual class setting...and the proce would be right...I would do any or all for FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!! lol.....but don't say yes unless you truly feel that way..you won't hurt my feelings...I have also taught altered books, another mini class on adding poetry or found text to your artwork, and some other classes as well....

Susanne Skene said:

Hello Sharon, i am excited to see what you think of art journaling. It really is relaxing. I like the no rules part the best and that your free to express yourself much the same as you would in a written diary. I know there are some free lessons on the Internet with regards to journaling techniques. I'll see if I can find the link and get back to you. Meanwhile, go and play with some paint. :)

Susanne..did I ever get a journal page sent  to you? If not, is there a certain size you prefer and is it "anything goes"? Just let me know

Susanne Skene said:

Laura and Debbie! What a nice surprise to hear from two people I have been wondering about for some time now. :) That's cool that you both frame some of your swap/mail art. I have been doing that for years and when I get company they ask if they can go around my house and look at all the art I have hanging up. I have art collected from swaps in every room in the house and proud of it.:) Laura I just had my big collection of journal pages out the other day and was going through them one by one. They go back to the days when Milliande still had her art community for women website. I do have a 4x6 postcard from you but not a journal page. Perhaps we can remedy that sometime? Well thanks for dropping in Laura and Debbie! And I look forward to your pics Laura. Hope you both have a great weekend!



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