Here is a place for us to share quotes and sayings which we might use in our art journal pages. If and when you come across something that makes you smile, makes you think twice, makes you cry, makes you laugh - share it here!

It will be fun to see some (or all!) of these tidbits used in our art journal pages!


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You are just tooo!
Is that a quote? LOL
it is now!

Here's a quote to get us started:

A picture is a poem without words.


Hi Mary, My journals are full of quotes that inspire me! Do you want us to post the ones we are using in a kind of on-going way or is the idea to work with one quote for a month and share what we do with it?  Just curious if I'm following your lead here! ; >


Hi Suzanne,

I think just to keep a sort of "ongoing list" within the discussions will be fine. Since there is already a Journal Prompt discussion elsewhere, making this into a prompt could be confusing!

But...looking here for ideas to fit in with the monthly prompts...not that's a great idea!

So, please, share any quotes you'd like with us here! Thanks!

Great idea for a thread! Here's one of my newest all time favs.


Worry does not take away tomorrows troubles, it takes away today's peace.

Just received this quote today, and thought it would be good for this space, too!

The life you have led
doesn't need to be
the only life you have.

--- Anna Quindlen

Here's a nice link for quotes, along with some very nice art work!
Thanks for the link. Lots of inspiration. I'm right in the middle of doing a journal of quotes with artwork. I choose quotes that resonate with my feelings and carry a weight of meaning for me. One I have included that I often see is "Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life." It is attributed to Picasso.

Just fpound this part here, so glad to be here.  I found a book that I have and here is one:

The simplest toy is one which even the youngest child can operate-it's called a grandparent.

Like branches on a tree, we may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

Love the one about grandparents.  xo

My Favorite...

Its not the breath you take,

Its the moments that take your breath away



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