Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter influenced by fellow countryman and artist, Vincent van Gogh. He began as an Expressionist but during WWI began studying the theories of Cubist painting and the absolute properties of artistic order. This eventually led him to the abstract style he is known for today…two dimensional geometric designs created from straight lines, rectangles, and simplistic colors-black, white and the primaries. The designs of line and color create areas that are so well balanced that no space is more important than the other and the viewer’s eye is pulled equally to each area. The tension created by the lines and rectangles reaches the very edge of the canvas which also illustrates the perfect balance of his paintings. His work was the foundation for the De Stijl movement of pure abstraction.

Create 2 regulation size atcs each for two partners(total 4 atcs) based on the style of Piet Mondrian. Sign up deadline is March 17, 2017  Partners will be posted March 20 and Atcs should be mailed by April 7, 2017



**Please leave your full mailing address as it should be printed on your envelope at the time you sign up for this swap . If your mailing address is private, please list it as such and make sure you share it with your swap partners once they are posted.

If for any reason you may be late mailing your swap please notify your partner beforehand.

  1. Bill-Sharon,Dabau
  2. Elaine-Sharon, Alicia
  3. Stacy-Christine,Alicia
  4. Sharon-Bill, Christine
  5. Christine-Bill, Lisa
  6. Lisa-Elaine, Theresa
  7. Theresa-Elaine, Lisa
  8. Dabau-Stacy,Theresa
  9. Alicia (A-Marie)-Stacy, Dabau

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Replies to This Discussion

Hi Stacy,
Please sign me up for Mondrian.

Bill Linthwaite
9841 W. Pinespring Court
Crystal River, FL
USA 34428

This one looks interesting. Sign me up too please 

Elaine Sobey , 28 Duncan Ave , Stratford, PEI, Canada ,  C1B 1L3 

Yay Bill and Elaine! I thought after Cezanne was so hard I'd try one a little easier, I think LOL Glad you guys are joining =)

YAH ! A new artist to explore !! I have been looking through Mondrian"s work and I have a huge urge to draw circles LOL. So many rectangles ! Please add me. Thanks x

Sharon Oppenheimer

edif.Caixa Bank local 4

urb.Guadalmina Alta

San pedro de Alcantara

Malaga,Spain 29678

I would love to be a part of this.  Please add me.  :)

Christine Sharbrough

6 Alpine Ave.

Hudson, NH  03051

LOL Sharon, I actually picked this one with you and Bill in mind =)

Glad to have you join Christine!

Christine Sharbrough said:

I would love to be a part of this.  Please add me.  :)

Christine Sharbrough

6 Alpine Ave.

Hudson, NH  03051

Please add me :  Lisa Hamilton

Will do!

Lisa Hamilton said:

Please add me :  Lisa Hamilton

Ok its been a long time since I have been on, but I think I would like to join this swap if I could.

Theresa Graeve

9662 Corby St

Omaha, NE 68134-5656


You are on the list Theresa!

Hi, there is only one way to get back into it and that's sign up for a swap.  Looking forward to Mondrian.  I learnt so much from these swaps :)

Dabau Singh-Heer, 221 Herbert Road, RD 2 Huntly 3772, New Zealand



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