Since this is the time of year many of us take a break and go on a vacation, to family reunions, visit old friends, have picnics, or even just enjoy nice quite "staycations", I thought it might be a little fun to do an ATC swap with this as a theme. By illustrating something you saw or experienced, you can take all of us with you on your adventure.  I'm also thinking that some of us may decide to have an imaginary or dream vacation instead of what we really do! For example, instead of soaking your feet in the dog's water bowl all summer to stay cool, you may dream of scuba diving in the Sea of China! Your choice of real or dream(maybe even a mixture of both). Make sure to tell the story behind your card so we can enjoy the trip as well! (esp if something really cool happened!)

Everyone will have 2 partners and be responsible for making one original atc card for each of them. You may used whatever media you feel comfortable with. If you wish to include a postcard, map or even a small souvenir from your trip that would be wonderful - BUT NOT REQUIRED. 

Deadline to sign up will be July 30 and cards should be mailed no later than Aug 19. Hopefully this will give all plenty of time to go have some fun and come back home to share it with our friends!

Please post your address below or mark as *Private Address*. You will be responsible for sending your address to your partners if it is private.

The 27th-2nd I will be out of town and have very little access to the internet so please do not think that I have forgotten you during this time.

Sign up list:

1. Mary Margaret Hickman-Robin Pichelmayer, Astrid McKellar

2. Marion Kaye- Riya, Theresa Graeve

3. Lori Comeau-Maureen Craddock, Susanne Skene

4. Sharon Oppenheimer- Marion Kaye, Maureen Craddock

5. Lauren Schufman- Mary Margaret Hickman,  Astrid McKellar

6. Maureen Craddock- Riya, Debbie Rippie

7. Christine Sharbrough  - Dabau Singh-Heer, Lauren Schufman

8. Theresa Graeve  -Renea Williams, Christine Sharbrough

9. Debbie Rippie -Jen Osslow, Robin Pichelmayer

10. Stacy Woolsey- Jen Osslow, Renea Williams

11. Susanne Skene - Christine Sharbrough, Lauren Schufman

12. Astrid McKellar - Lori Link, Lori Comeau

13. Jen Osslow - Sharon Oppenheimer, Stacy Woolsey

14. Lori Link - Dabau Singh-Heer, Debbie Rippie

15. Riya - Sharon Oppenheimer, Lori Link

16. Dabau Singh-Heer - Marion Kaye, Lori Comeau

17. Robin Pichelmayer- Stacy Woolsey, Mary Margaret Hickman

18. Renea Williams- Theresa Graeve, Susanne Skene

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Great ATC Renea



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