Can anyone tell me if Sharpies leave marks/lines when coloring with them?  I've used connector pens by Faber-Castell in the past and find that when I am coloring in a big area, I get lines and marks in each section where the marker goes over itself.  Do Sharpies do this too?  Is the only way to not have this to buy decent markers like Copics and Prismas?

I hope this is in the right section, I wasn't sure where to put it.

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Hi Rebecca, All of the markers that I have tried do leave lines or marks when you go over them. It is rather difficult to not do this. I go over the pen work with colored pencil which will even out the color pen. I usually use the same or similar color as the pen ,but you can change the tone or color by adding darker or lighter colors. I have never used copics or Primas, so I will be interested to hear how other more experienced artist think about this question.

Good to know Gail. Thank you for the information. I have been trying to find a way to get Prisma markers to Spain, but perhaps it's not worth the trouble or expense.

Hi Rebecca. I have found Crayola Supertips to be the best for large areas and not come out as blotchy as Sharpies. It delivers more liquid which is why. When it comes out it's pretty wet. I don't know about the other colors from Copics but the eggshell still is a little blotchy. I use it for face color. It does work better than Sharpies. The Crayola Supertips are cheap, give them a try. Let me know if you do.

Thanks for the feedback everyone :)

Love Prismacolor markers and pens. Will try idea of the colored pencil over them...thank you for tip!!!

Hi Gail, Thank you for posting this. It looks great ! I was working on a piece today and found that if I am using a good quality paper I could put a second and even a third coat of sharpie color, concentrating on the lighter bits between the blotches, which eliminated the blotches and gave a smoother look. Of course it does produce a very strong color. I love experimenting.

Gail Dennis said:

Sharon, I wanted you too see how well your idea to use a colored pencil over Prismacolor markers to cover blotches the marker causes. Notice the parking lot and the street. So much better! Works great!

Hi Rebecca,  I'm a bit late with my response but I do know of a marker that doesn't leave stripes, assuming the company is still in business.  The name is "Tria"  by Letraset.  I used to buy them from the art shop some years ago but they don't have them now.  I did find them on the internet.  They are expensive, they used to be used by graphic artists.  I don't know if they still use them.  They have a great range of colours and shades.  I have the internet page bookmarked so if you don't find them, get back to me and I'll get more info.   Joy

Hi Gail, I use whatever paper I can find that is a good quality including Canson Sketch . There is a very limited selection here.  A visitor has brought me a Stathmore Britol vellum surface, but haven't tried it yet. What do you think is the best?

I like drawing on paper bags and book pages.  For big lines I have Bic markers.  For thin lines I have Sharpies.  Mostly because I can't afford anything else.  I've found used drawing books at thrift stores. I like markers and colored pencils.  I'm hoping to buy some really nice colored pencils one day.  Some one said 'Sargents' brand of pencils was pretty good for inexpensive, but they don't feel right to me.

i have to buy cheap things at the moment, like most people i'm sure. i love my sharpies. they come in ultra fine through to brush tpis, great colours. i haven't gotten within cooee of copics (and that's a long way, trust me!) so i don't know what i'm missing.

i went and bought crayola washable marker for $6 a packet (i bought 2) and supertips for $7 a packet (i bought 2 of those…why not, at that price?). well, i love them. so much fun to use with sharpies and very fine pen too!

I like to use sharpies when I am doing my cards; there is a tendency to leave the marker lines unless you saturate the are, You can also use a Prismacolor blender (which is basically a colorless marker that will help to move the ink to become more fluid and leave fewer lines.  If you aren't pressing hard (and I use the fine line markers only) you can blend the lines.  It take some practice but they are great for using before you move to COPIC or any more expensive brands. My experience with COPIC markers hasn't been good.  The colors are vibrant, but they don't leave clear margins and have a tendency to smudge too easily.  So the cost is not as important to me as the ability to control the ink. 

Lynn, I have never understood how to use the Prismacolor Blenders. Any hints?
Mary Margaret



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