I’ve read a number of threads on Art Colony discussing approaches to collage which are so different from mine I find myself wondering if I’m from a different planet. I never have any idea when I start a work what it’s meaning or subject might be. Sometimes I’ll work over an existing image on a cheap framed print I’ve found at a garage sale. I flip through magazines and other sources until I find an image, or part of an image that for some reason, usually an unconscious one, appears to belong somewhere on the work I’m about to start. Other images I stumble across get added bit by bit and sometimes I paint the background to make them appear more ‘in place’. I’ve had the resulting works criticised/analized and interpreted by academic art critics who manage to read some very odd theories into what I’m saying, most of which is a totaly surprise to me. Once working as a chef in an open kitchen just outside of which one of my works hung I overheard a group of fine arts lecturers analize my piece. From my perspective they were talking utter rubbish and I told them so. They responded with what I took to be an elitist comment “What would you know” to which I responded "I’m only the fu•••ng artist so I suppose I’d have no idea.” The departed. 

Below is the work they somehow managed to interpret. I still have not firm idea myself what it’s trying to express.

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I wish I could see this where it is hanging. 

It’s hanging is my library. 95% of everthing I’ve ever produced still lives with me because I loathe and detest the commercial art world and only produce works as a form of therapy. As compensation I’ll try and take a clearer shot of that work in daylight tomorrow and post it. It’s now ove 30 years since I produced it. More recent pieces such as this one I’m still working on have taken a different direction using more paint and less collage


nice to be able to see this more easily. love the rippling water in the mid background

Zannie Rose said:

nice to be able to see this more easily. love the rippling water in the mid background.

The water is a mixture of a cut out from a photo and paint. If you look carefully at the centre you may observe something that upsets many of a religious persuasion when they finally spot it. Again, as in so much of my stuff, I really have no idea why I put it there. It just for some peculiar reason appeared to belong there. 

I’m puzzled that when I try and attach images to posts sometimes they appear within the post, sometimes only as a link and other times the vanish completely. Here’s another attempts  - -- -- 

do your collages take a long time to create...there seems to be a lot of work in them

Sometimes if I’m inspired I’ll finish one in a week. Other works I’ve been fiddling with for years. And yes, there is a lot of work in them, some say way too much work but my more recent pieces given they use more paint and less cut out images come together far mor rapidly. But hey, there are periods when the muse ( whatever that is)leaves me alone for months and I can’t even look at the stuff I’ve alread produced let alone start anything new.

I’m off to sleep as it’s 12...20 am here in Australia.

Oh, and here’s one I have been working on for years but maybe that’s because pieces keep falling off or getting knocked off. I  noticed recently that a family of spiders has moved onto it and are happily spinning webs all over it, an effect I really enjoy. Actualy I’ve just noticed it’s now very different from when this shot was taken.

Here is the work I attached to my first post in this thread which has for some reason vanished or at least is no longer visible from my server. I’ll get the hang of all this eventually.



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