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Meet Fin and Hank, two new mascots for Catshark's Pupping Cove.

You all are getting a sneak peek as I have not finished the pupping cove and haven't made any announcements on my main website about the upcoming new area! :)


Here is Fin, the main mascot, a great white shark pup.

Finished just today meet Hank, a hammerhead shark pup.


They are both created in PhotoImpact X3.

I used basic shapes then used node editing to change the shapes into more of what I wanted.  I then used the Zmerge tool to float them into one another.  After that I did some airbrushing and began merging parts together, blending & smudging as I went.  Finally after all the pieces were merged into a single object I did a bit of touch up airbrushing, blending and smudging to finish him up.


You can get a peek into Hank's process by checking out my post in the Works in Progress are of the Digital group.


I'm hoping they will be friendly characters for my young visitors.


Comments and feedback welcome.



Jeff here use PAINT and Kid Pix ( I like the color and texture selection ) -- Here are some examples :A few images

Thank you for your shark " FAMILY " -- very interesting !!! -- here is one of my aquatics.One of my family -- ha ! -- looking forward to sharing work and ideas -- Jeff.
Jeff here -- thank you  -- love your geometric designs -- the way my mind works, they are like other worlds.Here is one -- still working on it my rep. -- nonrep. group :
Jeff here -- as I said, i am working more with the spray can icon. I still love my line !!!More use of the spray can -- I have seen this in the countryside. A tired animal ( horse ) standing alone in a field.You have lived a good life my friend. May you now go to heaven's pastures and receive the care you deserve.

Cat - Fin and Hank look very friendly, so I'm sure they will go over well with your younger visitors!  I like the way you did the shading - it gives them a very 3D effect.


Jeff - It's cool to see your spraypaint explorations, as the spray paint gives the artwork a whole different feel than the ones that are totally filled in with solid color.  I also enjoyed your red/crimson/fuschia piece, because it's nice to see what can be created using a limited color palette.


Grace - Your geometric pieces remind me a bit of the geometric designs in African cloth. I think it is the colors you used as well - very bold and striking yellow, red and green, which I have seen on African textiles. It's amazing how color can affect the way we perceive a piece - your newest ones remind me of outer space, simply because they involve a lot of a black.


It's great to see your digital art, everyone! Thank you for the inspiration. :)

Grace -- like the new work -- triangles are like an appearing dream -- your waiting for what might appear -- the others remind me of images of cities at night -- peaceful, and yet, quite mysterious.
Hi -- have a good art day !!! -- working more with the spraycan icon --my little friend enjoying the evening

I love seeing all the different styles of work!  They are all great!  


Jeff, I love the polar bear!  There's just something about him that makes me smile.  Your fish are cool too and remind me of our aquarium.  Is this a cardinal?  One of my favorite birds, we have a nesting pair outside our apartment and the male likes to sit in our lilac bush and sing in the mornings.  


Grace, I really love your abstracts!  I agree with Thaneeya about the African cloth.  The moment I saw the colors and lines in that geometric piece it reminded me of African designs.  Really neat!!


Thaneeya, I'm hoping the little ones will like them.  I need to develop at least one more "friend" and I know I want it to be a girl, I just can't decide on the shark species.   Edging towards a leopard shark, bamboo shark or small species of catshark.  Decisions, decisions. LOL :)

Hi, everyone have a good art dayfor the love of flowers
Hi, Jeff here -- some more art work -- becoming more comfortable with the spray canThe old farm -- line -- color -- spraycan -- I started with an initial color ( brown ) worked with this color
creative landscape -- new format



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