What is your favorite pen to use for Doodle and why?

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So I'm a bit obsessive about pens, and I have been all my life. Every drawer I have is packed full of them. Because of that, I've collected and tried every ink pen I have come across: Copic, Micron, Staedtler, Pentel, Le Pen, Papermate, Sharpies, and so many generic brands. My favorite one so far, which I've only recently discovered, is Uni Pin. I love the sleek black body and how good the ink flows. I used heavyweight paper (140lb) and it's very smooth. The ink dries quickly so I don't wind up with smudges like I have with other pens. But my favorite aspect is its hard durable tip. I'm a hard doodler, meaning I have a (good/bad) habit of pressing down HARD when I doodle. The Uni Pin, for me, has been sturdy enough to withstand the pressure -- and that had me sold! But I'm a sucker for pens and will likely not give up using (or buying!) other pens out there. 

Like Catherine, I fell in love with Uni Poscas, and the Uni Pins even their pigment is great.
If the paper is smooth, and a more cursive flow is required, the Pilot Pens are very efficient.
Should I feel like smudging the lines I use regular Gel Pens (the one that fall under the category of Office Supplies) sometimes, even a little brush with a damp finger works great.
The Pitt Artist Pens, and even the Tom-Bow, are ok, but I have realised that some rough surfaces just eat them up...

Since I am now becoming serious about doodling or" Artjumbles" as I call them- I have become serious about my pens and paper- I like to use Faber Castell PITT artist black 199 fine point pen on  Strathmore 140lb. paper.

It's possible that could change down the line - but for now I like the way the pen feels in my hand and the fine line I can acheive when I need it.

I also use Sharpies for the thicker lines I use or to fill in the white areas with certain design elements.

Keep doodling :D

Alexis C

Excellent question!  I've been using the Sakura Pigma Micron pens.  They've been my go to disposable pens for years because they last a long time, the ink is very black and dries fairly quickly, and the tips hold up really well.  My absolute all-time favorite pens are my Rapidographs.

I have been using Sharpie Ultra Fine black as well as Sharpie colored, Bic Fine Point has lots of beautiful colors, PrismaColor, Faber Castell Pitt, and for use with water I've been using Crayola Super Tips tho I would welcome any other suggestions on pens that work great with water.  Can't wait to try some new ones suggested above!!!


I use the Faber Castell Pitt but they don't seem to last long.

micron and sharpie...but i am gonna try a uni pen.  where do you buy them?


Thanks Rajeshwari, I will have to look for that brand.

hello…uni PIN i bought mine at the newsagent…they're great! nice and fine. i have a 0.1 and a 0.2 beautiful.

Beth Wall said:

micron and sharpie...but i am gonna try a uni pen.  where do you buy them?

This is why I've been using the newer non-bleed sharpie for black. I go through like one per week.  If money was no object I'd only use the micron.  For color I use both the micron prismacolor brushes and the Faber-Castell Pitt brushes. 

Pat said:

I use the Faber Castell Pitt but they don't seem to last long.

Thanks Sherry, non-bleed sharpie, I will have to get one and try it out.



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