What is your favorite pen to use for Doodle and why?

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Hi.. I am new.   I was 'doodling' way, way back when I was little.  LONG before Zentangle was a name... that was like 40 years ago.. lol    my mom used to yell at me for filling the phone book with them.  LOL all the margins were covered.  As were my homework papers and notebooks. 

 My favorite pens... I always use the Microns. They last a long time and I use the 005 point as I draw very tiny and detailed.  And where I live that point only comes in black... but I recently got 'the rainbow' in that point.  I am so excited. ( had to go to California and a REAL artists store to get them)  I also recently have been using the fine pointed Sharpies to color when I want to add just that touch of color... which I don't do a lot, and I use to write with.  they are smooth and do not bleed through.  I love uni ball also.  and I have some ink joy cheap ones for coloring.  But my favorite for coloring bigger areas are my oil pencils and derwent inktense pencils.  :)

Thank you for the info Karen!

o wow i feel like doodling all the time now but i want to draw and paint too! ho hum, maybe i won't sleep. what no sleep? that's no good.


i love sharpies and unipin. i just bought a micon and i've used it a bit and i've started to use a calligraphy pen i bought - very fine. 

i also love pitt pens for colour. the brushes in grey i've used so far only for shading but i could try them in doodles. i have fine colouured sharpies, coloured bics and papermate coloured pens - gel pens too, which i've used a bit. i've got supertips and inktense - i've got everything almost! lol

not prismas though, i'm a derwent girl! haha.

i hven't used what i've got yet so i'm not buying more!

now i'm inspired to doodle thanks to you people! joking, i love your tangles. that's what i call them tangles. 

and hi barbara . i didn't know you were here. your tangle is amazing. so tiny. i'm going to try a coloured one now.

my problem is always what to use for an outer design first. how do you find something and how do you decide?

I have found that the Sharpie pen (not marker) will NOT soak into the paper like the Sharpie Ultra Fine will. I did an entire picture in one and didn't find this out until I started to use the blender pencil. I had many areas that were gone over many times to make thick lines or black areas. Anyway, will not be using them again for this type of work. The once over was fine, but making thicker lines was a killer. It's been weeks and it is still not "dry." I might try some of the pens suggested, but I can't justify another purchase right now. Maybe when my Ultra Fine has been used up, I will get something else. 

I found the Sharpie pen not to dry quick...smeared a drawing and found out...lol

I personally like Uni Poscas for doodling on random objects, and like many people a Uni Pin or even just a Uni Eye for sketchbook stuffs, lots of Uni products, must show they're a good brand! :)

Thank you for your input Peppo, appreciate it.

I love the Pigmaa Micron pens, they last for ages and quite reasonably priced. I also like the sepia colour and the red. I normally use a 0.01 tip for line drawing and a 0.03 or 0.05 for filling in. I love my old Set of Rapidographs too but they sometimes get clogged and that is a pain plus the ink cartridges are expensive.

Thanks Valerie.



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